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Jane Smith Bernhardt  

Jane is a graduate of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance and
a seven-year course in multi-dimensional healing
through Greta Bro's Wisdom Ways Mystery School.
Practice in meditative listening opened the way for the
extraordinary illuminations on the afterlife recorded in
her first book:
We are Here
Love Never Dies.

Jane's new manuscript, The Sweet Conversation, includes
inspiring messages received over a six-year period as well
as exercises for the reader to enter more deeply into a
personal relationship with the Source of Love. A widening
community of Listening Circles is springing up, using this
manuscriptas inspiration for expanding spiritual guidance.

Over the years Jane traveled extensively with her visual art
exhibits and original solo dramatic performances. Finding in art a pathway to the heart and spirit, Bernhardt uses creativity
as a vehicle for human transformation.

From Auschwitz to Hiroshima, from Russia to our
inner cities, teacher, author, portraitist, and actor, Bernhardt’s
art has taken her all over the world. 
A third generation portrait artist and seasoned actor of stage and television, graduating from the American Academy of
Dramatic Arts in Manhattan, she poignantly combines her portrait skills and acting in projects such as the Hibakusha Peace Project.

The Hibakusha Peace Project is a multimedia
tribute to the survivors of Hiroshima. 
Using her art to change the world, Bernhardt has delivered
lectures on art and social change, led workshops in art and drama
for schools, and facilitated many retreats.


The Sweet Conversation
A new book by  Jane Smith Bernhardt
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We are Here
Love Never Dies

 by  Jane Smith Bernhardt
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Anita Willets Burnham 
(Jane's Grandmother)

is featured in

Skirting Convention:
Illinois Women Artists, 1840 to 1940

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Three Generations of
Burnham Women Artists

Jane's Traveling Visual Art Exhibits are:

Faces of the Faceless

Created during the Cold War, 'Faces' portrays Russian patriots and poets, to give a human face to the enemy.

Faces of Resistance

Portraits and poetry, focusing on personal resistance to injustice. (Plowshares prisoners, Sanctuary defendants, Salvadoran refugees)

Dinner at St. Paul's

Portraits of guests of an inner-city feeding ministry and their poems.

The Hibakusha Peace Project

A series of collage portraits of A-Bomb survivors, accompanied by their stories and poems.

Jane's Original Performances Include:

Julia Ward Howe

Crusader for World Peace.


Series of dramatic vignettes based on New Testament encounters.

The Hibakusha Peace Project / Performance

Featuring music by Greta Bro / Peter Meyer and dance by Minori Ishikawa. 

Love Etty: the Journal of Etty Hillesum

Jane's dramatic adaptation of the letters and diaries of the Twentieth Century mystic Etty Hillesum

Jane teaches and lectures on a variety of topics including spiritual guidance, portraiture, resistance and social transformation. Contact Jane for details.  

Jane's was invited to exhibit at the Hiroshima's International House on August 7, 2010.
for exhibit photos and information

Photo of Hiromu Morishita standing beside his portrait.


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    Hibakusha Introduction

    Dream of the Survivors

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Woman Playing Koto Fuki Takata
Read some comments from ~
The Hibakusha Peace Project Guest Book

"Magnificent rendering of such horrible experience."
"Heartfelt Beauty and Tragedy"
"Heart-breaking - but all too real. Thank-you!"
"No words can explain the impact of this exhibit."
"All free people should see this!!"


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