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I have spent large portions of my life waiting on creative inspiration.  What I have come to understand is that some of the projects that feel the most meaningful require so much effort that they can only be accomplished with support from what I call Spirit. Sometimes I’ve named this spirit God, and sometimes I’ve thought of it as deep inner guidance. These days I have the sense that there are spiritual friends who help me on my journey.

Photo by Dick Buckley

I have learned that what works best for me is to wait in comfortable silence (preferably with a cup of tea and my cat in my lap). I think of a heron, stick-still in shallow water, whose patience is sometimes rewarded with a succulent catch.  After waiting until the buzzing thoughts have tired of themselves, sometimes I begin to sense a loving presence nearby.  Listening with my heart, I seem to feel a message. I've learned that if I can write as I receive these thoughts they often continue unedited by my own mind.  For the past three years, this has been my creative project: receiving the messages of the spirit companions who speak into my waiting heart.

Amazing fruits have come from this simple effort. My book
WE ARE HERE: Love Never Dies contains beautiful messages on the nature of love, forgiveness and the afterlife.

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My dear readers:

Recently my new manuscript, The Sweet Conversation, has been launched! This invitation to enter into deeper conversation with divine guidance includes inspiring messages I've received over a six-year period as well as exercises for the reader to enter more deeply into their own relationship with the Source of Love. We are now engaged in a widening community of Listening Circles, using this manuscript as a springboard for our own expanding spiritual understanding. All of this feels miraculous but is only a part of the vast opening to the rich consciousness dawning upon us. We are all invited to new levels of being, and there is scarcely language to describe it as we each find our part in the great cosmic dance.

                                                                              Jane Smith Bernhardt 2012

How can we believe that amazing transformations are taking place in the midst of human such tragedies as the school shootings in Connecticut? I look for answers in the messages I have received from my unseen companions. The conversation revisited below also appears in my workbook, The Sweet Conversation : a guide to spiritual listening .




When morning brings with it the pattern of internal heaviness, how shall I react? 

     Understand that in your world a great shift is taking place out of material-centric consciousness. Insofar as individuals are invested in material outcomes, they will be disappointed. Because these idols are finite: they decay and perish. Yours has been – by and large – a culture devoted to very short-term ends. And fortunately the folly of consumer/materialism is showing itself more plainly now. Of course this causes pain to many people … but this pain is itself the occasion for grace, as they begin to see the Abiding light appearing through the cracks of the temporal tinsel. This is a mercy.

     There are earthquakes everywhere … in every heart. Such is the force of Love’s awakening. Do not trust material vision. Remember that everything your five senses perceive will return to dust in the not-too-distant future. Trust the fierce love, the piercing light of truth – Abiding Reality. And understand that when you hold these passing material forms somewhat lightly you may be freer to participate in the blissful dance of Lover and Beloved: the dance which never decays or dies.

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March 28, 2013


For two years we have been hosting Listening Circles and the experience has given rise to joy, bliss, lots of questions, and beautiful illuminations. Here is a conversation I had with my unseen companions in our time of quiet gathering in the circle of meditation:

 Dear unseen friends: As I sit in the Listening Circle with other pilgrims, I am asking what is your message for the collective – for all of us?

Be generous with your understanding of yourselves. Who are you, after all, but energy? Be generous with your energy. Let love fill the spaces between your atoms; let love shoot through the bloodstream and fill up flesh and bone. Let love be worn by you as you wear this mortal garment. What else is there but love? What else abides?

Say to the collective: “STOP: Open your eyes, your hearts … Listen and feel.” Say to the collective: “Be still. Allow yourself to be invaded by love; allow yourself to be impregnated. Do not criticize the stuff of your humanity: It is a garment briefly worn. You are so much more than this. Allow your attention to be directed beyond, before, within. But notice the being’s needs and love it well, even as you laugh at its predicaments. Wear this clothing lightly. This attitude will allow the human to evolve.”

How can we know what we do not know?

Evolution goes like this: feeling your way along and finding
first one landmark and then another in unknown territory. You cannot make out the whole picture all at once. Only here, in collectively seeking, can you begin to piece together the new landscape. And how blessed this time is! Many of us are gathered to support, inspire and assist you. You are not alone in the unknown. 

Please give us assurances of your presence.

This gathering itself is assurance of our presence. Why else have you come but to share in sweet communion with unseen loving guidance? 


Thank you, dear one. We are not trying to be oblique or mysterious. This is a process of mutual growth. Hold each other in love.

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December 22, 2012

How can we believe that amazing transformations are taking place in the midst of human such tragedies as the school shootings in Connecticut? I look for answers in the messages I have received from my unseen companions. The conversation revisited below also appears in my workbook, The Sweet Conversation: a guide to spiritual listening. How do we understand human suffering -- Please open my eyes (if only for a moment) to the truth of it.

     Is it enough to know that these questions are beyond the scope of your vision, your mental capacity to grasp?

All upheaval and violence - the atrocities beyond bearing - all are somehow in their secret core a face of love. How do we know this? Because every soul is on an eternal trajectory. Some come forth in primitive forms, but even these can be teachers. How can we say these things to the broken-hearted victims of violence? Because we are with them in the incomprehensibility of suffering. We are holding their hearts through abandonment and grief.

There are so many doorways to Love, and each one of you is bound to find it. The wounded will be healed, the broken made whole. Angels, guides, spirits of all forms are ever at work to transform all of this.

It is a hard and often a brutal school. Why does such a place exist in a universe inspired by love?

Imagine molten lava, fiery fluid. Imagine the blinding storm that levels everything … the destruction of cities and lifestyles … the breaking heart of individual consciousness, that agony of separation. The story of mankind is not the rise and fall of kingdoms, but rather the dismembering of the soul.

What are you trying to say?

We are trying to say what you cannot quite hear….

History is not the material phenomena. There is an unbroken progression in the evolution of the heart. It has never been more bright or strong or even more hopeful. Its weakness has been burning away in the fiery furnace of history: the dross that kept the purity at bay … all that threatened to pollute it from within. In the fiery explosion of the thousand forms we are witnessing the birth of a universal heart of Love.

It is here – like the buds of spring, the shoots secretly peeking through the detritus of the long winter. Content yourself with searching for those new signs of life, for they are everywhere. A new world is at hand that could not coexist with dying forms.

Rub your eyes and shed your pessimism. Be like a child expecting to be surprised by tiny miracles shooting up everywhere. And be dazzled when they appear. This is the time we have all fought for these thousands of years. Awakening is at hand. The fields have been cleared by fire. Hearts have been purified by the hot furnaces of devotion. Allow your mind’s perceptions to rest. The time of awakening has arrived.

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December 10, 2012


I rue the choice they gave us
a very long time ago
when there was a garden
and we were at peace
and there was nothing else to know.

God walked there (they say) among us
as normal as you please.
He would sit right down beside us --
imagine, my soul, the peace.

I tickle my imagination…
(why not, it feels so free)
Maybe God and I danced there
his great arms wrapped around me.

We twirled and spun in the garden,
the birds pleased themselves in the sky,
and soon we fell down in the flowers,
just laughing, God and I.

Oh, I miss that place of abandon –
the shadow is long since the day
when the hiss of some dark promise
took my precious love away.

But some part of me remembers,
through the chill of these bones I call home,
the precious song of paradise
when God and I were one.

There are times when it feels difficult to be here in the mortal body, when some part of us remembers intimacy with the Spirit of eternal love. There are times when we cry out to the lover of our soul: "Have you forsaken me?" And it is all right to feel all of these feelings - loneliness, abandonment.... These feelings may pass through us more quickly as we give voice to them, like passing storms blown clear by the wind. Sometimes it is comforting to cry out. The lover is never so far away.

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October 18,2012


I’ve gone down the rabbit hole again: self-accusation … not doing enough. Please give me your perspective, my loving unseen friends.

   When we speak to you about careful self-nurture, these are not idle words or abstract concepts. We mean: be still; gather quiet into your soul; offer yourself love. These impulses consistently run counter to the imperatives of this culture, and so you will hear loud voices (internally and externally) of opposition: “Your value is in what you produce! Get up and get going! Do, do, do!” But out of what impulse does this ‘doing’ come? What is it that you are doing to assuage those voices?

    The voices say: “Get up; get going; do a lot!” But in this time of cataclysmic upheaval, do you have any idea what you are doing? Might these voices be like slave drivers, whose agenda you have learned not to question? We are saying: “Question the agenda. Dare to ask, ‘Who is commanding my productivity and do I trust this voice?’”

    Wage earners will say: “I cannot afford to question my path or purpose – I have to pull in a salary every week!” We encourage you to go into your soul and ask the questions anyway. You may not make any outward change, but you have the human right and duty to question the purpose of your life.

    Know this: Something is dying and something is being born. This is what happens in times of transformation. A bloated caterpillar wraps itself in fine thread and goes to war with a new life form that is trying to be born within this shared chrysalis. The butterfly – who will emerge and take flight – draws strength from the struggle. The bloated caterpillar is no more.

    We are victims of a bloated system, whether we speak of over-consumption or the presumption of global dominance. And the showdown has begun. From some other Source – some new DNA – new life is beginning. As if you were the chrysalis, take time to feel into this new life. It will have a different frequency – perhaps more spacious, generous, compassionate, free….

    We ask you now to attune yourselves to this new voice. Instead of pushing you, it will offer a tender invitation. Dare to listen to the invitation. Begin to tune out the tyrant. However subtle and gentle this new impulse, it is about to win the great power struggle. Only the butterfly will emerge from the chrysalis.

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September 17, 2012


I begin the day asking a question that has been suggested as a rich source for meditation: “Who am I?” First on my list are the complaints and short-comings, but then I begin to notice more possibilities. Am I larger than this mortal life?

I ask my unseen friends: “Who am I?”

It might be well to say, “Who are we?”

I’m listening.

We have come into this incarnation together. You were never alone. Now is the time to comport ourselves as one. That is, a collective whose boundaries the individual mind is unable to comprehend.

The mind is the tired old machine; Ego is now an outdated term. There is one being, one life. Who is the one who sees out through this body’s eyes?

I don’t know.

Could we say that one is Life?

What about the individual me, the one I think of as myself?

The skin is shedding. The caterpillar is sacrificing itself within the chrysalis.

So it is only Life that I am?

Only Life?

I will try to imagine that Life is looking out through these eyes.

Whose eyes are these?

Life’s eyes, I guess.

Understand that this shift is impossible for the mortal mind to grasp.

Yes: I see that. Life sees that.

So this is the very threshold of collective awakening … collective consciousness.

There is perhaps a fear of losing myself.

The dried snakeskin … the bloated caterpillar?

Maybe I’m ready for it.

It is flight, freedom, ease…. The butterfly is free to show us how.

I can only take sips of this new beverage.

Glimpses. You cannot stare wide-eyed at the sun.

Help me, beloved, to grasp that we – and all of life – are one. And that in this life-identity we do not lose our precious self, the story that is this mortal life’s orientation.

It is never meant to be lost. It is the precious vehicle. Love and care for the body continue. Moods and various challenges continue. Perception gradually shifts … from “I” to a pronoun that does not exist in your vocabulary. Even “we” is insufficient.

As often as possible, let the mind rest. Collective pain is gathered there. What you think of as your own pain is often old, societal…. Without over-analysis, think of it as broken. Just as external global systems may be viewed as broken. Outdated. So when you identify with the mind it is as if you are looking out through broken glass. The ego mistakenly takes on this inadequate identity, along with distorted stories from the mortal life.

Without trying too hard, allow your soul and heart to drift into the meditative question, “Who am I?” You may be surprised at what reveals itself as the momentary trappings are unwrapped.

A Blossom of God’s Creation   (...revisiting an earlier message that seems to build on the theme...)

On the porch … Summer breezes and high tide. What is this restless spirit? Do I need to receive more love? Show me, dear spiritual companions. Show me how.

    Perhaps, dear one, these restless spirits are not your own. Perhaps they come to you for love … the way the way a butterfly attaches to a flower, sensing its sweet nectar from afar. Do you think that everything that comes to you or passes through you is yourself? Many visitors come in the course of a day, just as you are hostess to many guests in this appealing home.

    How do you greet these restless spirits?             


    Tell them there is nothing to fear. There is enough love for all. God is big enough to house every ill and transform it. And you – servant of Love – are not responsible for providing healing. This is important for your strength and sanity. Because the hungry spirits will come. How do you make yourself ready and hold your inner spaces open to the loving transformation of all that is unfinished? By recognizing that you are a sweet blossom provided by God.

I sense a problem here. There is only so much nectar at any time. I become depleted when I offer too much.

    So here is a distinction: What is key is your awareness. What is your understanding of yourself and your role? You are not the provider of anything. This is an important shift of perception.

I guess if I am a blossom of God’s creation my role – on conscious level – is pretty much nothing. My role is to keep in touch with God.

    Precisely. Like the flower, open to sunlight and rain. Allow soft breezes to move you … welcome this brief experience of being a flower blossoming now.

Pretty simple.


I sense contentment exists somewhere down this path. Even for my jumpy mind. 

    You will die, dear Jane. This one who is now a blossom will fade and fall. It is good to recall this, holding it to your heart as a talisman. The Lover is with you in this sojourn where individual perception tells you that you are not God.

But am I God…?

    Of course. The flower is God … as is the butterfly seeking its sweetness. You mind cannot grasp these things, remember, because it is of mortal substance. Allow your heart to receive love. This is really the answer to everything.

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August 6, 2012


These days I feel as if I were carrying a mysterious weight wherever I go. There is a bit of gloom, even on these sunny days. Please speak to me about this.

Many of you are now shedding old garments which, in their final stages, complain loudly: “We are so important! Pay attention to us!” What is important now, dear pilgrims? Listen to the tender voice of Love, and wait for the birth of new life. The old identity – on all levels – is being shed, and in the shedding there can be great distress. Collectively, we see the collapse of political and financial systems. Within families there may be shifting which is at times painful, but ultimately cleansing. And on a personal level - at the core of yourself - you may encounter confusion: “I do not know myself anymore.” Your identity, like a mask that has outworn its role, is being discarded. Who is this person inside – this new being?

Notice the children, and be like them: curious, flexible, full of wonder. Hold your identity loosely and without judgment. We say these things to help you with the pain of rebirth. Your world is shifting and everyone is a bit off kilter, so to judge yourself by your surroundings will not prove helpful. You cannot stop the waves of change, so you must learn to find solace within circles of community and in the quiet places of meditation, soulful conversation and rest. We are here, Love’s angelic helpers. We are here for each of you.

New life is even now stirring in your womb, and in the great womb of the cosmic creative experience. Always there has been death and rebirth, change and evolution. At this time the accelerated pace may feel overwhelming. Remember: quickening of the pangs of labor means the birth is near. You are extremely blessed to be on this earth at this time. Behold with excitement the signs of new life – they are all around you. Take your gaze away from fear and loss and notice what is blooming even now. You are becoming a new creation on a new earth, and the cosmos is in expectant celebration. All is well.

All is very well indeed.



Relax in a meditative posture, sitting or reclining. Slowly scan your body: notice and release all tension. Breathe slowly and deeply. All is well. Rest your body and mind.

Now begin to imagine divine light coming in through your crown and gradually radiating to all parts of your body. As if you were an empty vessel, let this golden shimmering energy fill your being until your whole body is full of light.

Now begin to observe this body. Notice the legs, torso, arms, head…. Rise above this body … a few feet at first and then gradually observe it growing smaller and smaller until you are far above it and the body is a pinpoint of light. From the earth’s atmosphere you can see this point of light and then you begin to notice other points of light: hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of beams of light emerging from prayers and meditations throughout the earth. All these lights are beaming from the earth and you begin to experience them as one great mass of light. You are standing in this light. The center of your being has shifted and you are now a part of this glorious collective presence.

Remain in this collective light. Experience its properties – its form and frequency. This is the sphere of the Divine Human: a collective of incalculable strength and purity.

This is your next step.

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May 29, 2012

The Listening Circles we have begun using my new manuscript,
The Sweet Conversation
, have been spreading -- to Iowa and New York ...
What blessings! Here is the latest message I received in meditation about this form:


The listening circle supports a new frequency. Springing up all over, these pockets of receptivity assist in attuning to the gracious frequencies which form the awakened global community: the Golden Community. This is the next step in human evolution. Heed it well.

 It is not a question of the leader teaching something s/he knows and the others do not. Rather, it is a space for evolving all together in this experience we are all being offered of greater unity with Source, or the Beloved. Feel and cultivate this new internal sensation as you learn to release outdated forms of mind and ego which no longer serve you.

The work of the Golden Community can be nurtured anytime, anywhere. When you are alone you may ask: “What is the voice of Love saying to me now?” or “Are we all here?” When you are in groups you will experience the encouragement of the collective and you may feel waves of understanding as the new form is reveals itself within the circle.

Practice self-love; Ground the frequency; Simplify your systems; Lay low; Listen.

Listen some more. Know that all is well in the great eternal energy of Love.

 Practicing self-love and simplicity within the empathic community hastens, expands the frequency. We no longer look to the prevailing culture for the quality and form of our being. We no longer listen to the harsh internal or external critics. We no longer buy into the systems of self-centeredness, isolation, fear and greed that have dominated human history. Suspending judgment in any form we ask: “What does the lover of my soul have to say today? What am I here to understand as I listen?”

The embodiment of the new consciousness requires forms. The listening circle is one such form.  As if we were in a classroom for spirit, we are here to receive guidance, but there is no visible teacher. We are here to be transformed, healed, schooled in new ways through the simple act of listening with new senses, hearing with new ears. That seems mysterious, but so does the butterfly that emerges from the caterpillar’s shroud. We are being transformed within the chrysalis of the old life. And the divine alchemist is the teacher. Blessed be.

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 March 19, 2012


Often it is my weakness that brings about the most fruitful conversation with wise and loving unseen guidance. Here is a prime example, as I began with my morning grumbling….

Went to bed feeling pretty great, and here I am at 11am up after going back to sleep twice and feeling like - well - crap. Don’t you get tired of hearing this song?

We know what it is to feel trapped within the human condition – its bodily cycles, its aches, pains, bad moods and limited perceptions…. We are well acquainted with these conditions which at times feel like a great ball and chain. In this incarnation you are a “night person.” You feel better at night and your body’s natural inclination is to sleep late. Has this prevented you from following God’s call in myriad ways, from doing what you have been inspired to do while raising a family… and all the rest?

 Remember that you cannot compare yourself with anyone else. Your job is not to be Everybody’s Best Person. Your job is to love and receive love. And as you come into this conversation all is accomplished: this is all we are asking of you. Come and be here with us in the sweet eternal exchange of Love. This conversation is the eternal path: this is Reality. Here the spirit finds its true home. And the body can find deep healing as your emotional being learns to master the body and soul’s true needs.

All of this resting, Jane, is exceptionally fruitful. Here you are allowing heightened frequencies to enter – uninterrupted – into your systems at every level. Could it be that everything is perfect – sleeping late, staying up late, resting, resting, resting … everything? Why not believe that it is perfect right now? If God is for you, who can be against you? And indeed we – as emissaries of Divine Essence – are for you completely. We support this resting.

As usual we see this situation on a larger scale through the world. Call it ignorance for the sake of success, greed or progress. Notice the degree of ignorance: nuclear buildup creating a situation of Mutually Assured Destruction – in the name of pride, safety … hubris! Banks printing money beyond any value because more is better even if it is worthless. Raping the land and polluting skies and rivers in order to ensure a happy life for busy people who need endless mobility, gadgetry and diversion. “Quality of life” at the expense of the earth that bears us, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

There is a sort of madness in this world, fueled by greed and ignorance. So we are asking everyone to rest a while. Stop doing all this. Look around. Ask yourself:  Is this madness? What would sanity look like? Stop. Rest. Wait and wait some more. We will flood your hearts with love and wisdom. We are longing to renew you, restore you to sanity and true joy. We love you, and you have temporarily forgotten that unseen sources of love are at the heart of all that is – all that will abide.

Now is the time to rest, regroup, allow yourselves to align with your highest lights, the plumb line of your being. Reset your course to the North Star of Truth. We are all around you – Love’s divine messengers – let us council you as you release the broken systems and receive new direction.

As you slow down, allow grief to emerge. Love whatever arises in you. Forgive yourself and those around you. Have the courage to be still and let the scales fall from your eyes. Many of the old ways haven’t worked. Release them. Shed those skins like tattered garments. New forms await you. Listen for them, wait for them: you will recognize them when they appear by the sweet pangs of your heart. “Ah, yes!” a burst of recognition: “This is what I have been desiring all along.”

Children: we love you and we are here and available at all times so wait, listen, open your hearts and receive us.

“Seek (me) and you shall find (me) when you seek (me) with all your heart.

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 February 2, 2012


 My unseen friends: Looking back over our years of conversation, I see that I have sought your loving guidance out of my efforts to be at peace in this body, in this world.

The fruitfulness of the inner journey is incalculable. By placing this first – above all – you are flying in the face of the prevailing energies of this society, where distraction is the norm: constant activity, perpetual filling of space and time.

Yes: what I crave is peace and silence so much of the time. Or rather – I crave to be at peace with you, beloved spirit-friends … and with the wounds of this mortal journey.

Your journey in this body will end, of course, while the inner journey will continue. How precious, then, to make peace with the pains and paradoxes of mortal existence within the loving energy of eternal awareness. As you make healing and inner peace your priority, you form a new and strong connection between heaven and earth.

?? Please explain.

The frequencies - enhanced currents of something like electrical energy - are now accelerated. People run in circles because they are afraid, and the media fuels this fear until – like a flock of spooked sheep – the people run to a point of madness. The currency must be grounded. This is the direction. You see the parallel within global economic institutions: ungrounded currency invites economic collapse.  Money printed beyond any relationship to value is like the lives spent running here and there in meaningless pursuits. One becomes depleted: The soil is depleted, the soul is depleted, the society no longer knows itself.

 Everything needs to be grounded. This begins - as always - within the intimate spaces of the heart. Here is the forge for new and heightened energy. Ground the forge in deep self-care and self-love. Then the heightened frequencies will easily flow through you and you will be a vessel for the changes that herald the nourishing future.

Please speak to me about the need for rest, which sometimes seems excessive.

The great shift of this time is exhausting, and your body is calling you to lay low. Imagine that a great new energy source is breaking through old systems at all levels of your lives. Just as the old energy sources - at a material level - are betraying their obsolescence (gas, coal, nuclear power…) internal energy sources are likewise undergoing metamorphosis.

You may cry: “Oh, this is the end of life as I know it!” or you may observe that the shell must break open to allow new life to emerge. The chrysalis must unravel before the butterfly can find her way into the world.

2012 is not the end of life on earth - it is an important marker for new beginnings: new energy sources, planetary enlightenment ushering in new forms of human existence…. How exciting!

Certain things are required of those who wish to consciously participate in this transformation: quiet, rest, listening and being willing to shed outdated conventions and systems. It is not important now to be busy and productive. Be like trees planted in the earth whose attention in winter is on the silent nurture of roots and trunk.

There is no road map for the condition which is now required of you. Each person must listen well within the inner spaces. Cease unhelpful activity. Lay low. Ask for spiritual guidance. Something wonderful is happening: but if you are all running about like Chicken Little, who will be attentive to the shoots of new life? Allow the dross of your lives to fall away. Prune unfruitful branches. Wait for true inspiration to guide you. Look for strength in community.

What is now barren will soon be laden with new fruit. The time of change is upon you: be available with all of your being to receive new gifts and instructions (as if you were children in this new playground.)

It is difficult to describe what is taking place in language you understand, as even the part of the brain that receives language is undergoing change. This is why silence is important – and collective listening. You are being offered new forms, new concepts. If you try to grasp them too quickly they will elude you. Rest. Wait. Listen. And above all trust that the Source of life will enlighten all with this new energy which has its ancient origins in inexhaustible, eternal Love.
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 December 11, 2011 Advent

All Will Be Well

Please speak to me, dear friends. I have been reading grim news about the future of the earth and its inhabitants,  and am feeling somewhat sad and deflated.

Dear one: Let us be together now in Love. The sky is not falling.

How can you say that?

Because we exist within the Abiding Reality. Remember that every person who lives will also die. Planets die also. The material forms change. Change is indeed essential for spiritual growth. Evolution will occur. But it is possible and indeed advisable to come at it through Love, Joy and Peace.

Remember that love is mighty and invincible. Let Love rule your life and all will be well…. We promise you this. All will be well because Love is eternal and is indeed the prime component of All-that-Is. Love is all there is.

Was the Titanic swallowed up by water, and were those aboard it ending their physical lives in the process? Yes: that is certainly one perspective. But if each of those eternal beings was in relationship with the Abiding Loving Existence, then what ended? If a wooden boat decomposed to join the sub-oceanic life forms – did it perish? Choose carefully what you believe, dear one.

Thank-you. I feel better. It is a beautiful day. I just don’t want anyone to suffer.

No one is alone. Each one – like this planet – is going through stages of growth and disintegration. Each body has times of pain and joy, loss and gain. Each will die, and there may be suffering. Love is constant. Love prevails. Always.

You know this from your own life, do you not?

Yes: this planet is heading into rough waters. Will Love prevail? It will. Let us keep our focus here, in the Abiding Conversation. What some may regard as a trivial exercise is the building block of life – to connect with divine energy is the source of health, joy, bliss and everlasting life. Let us celebrate it always.

We are here in Love’s eternal path and we are here together. All is well, and all will be well.
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 August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011 (the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing)

I don’t know exactly what I “believe,” in a cosmic sense, but I know that I do not understand the suffering of this earth. A thing like Hiroshima is incomprehensible. Only love and more love can heal this wounded earth. Speak to me, my unseen friends.

      We are here, dearest Jane. By allowing your own personal space to be open to divine love you are doing a great work. More than you can possibly know. The great battle of “principalities and powers in high places” is really over this: What heart will succumb to love?

      The battle is not “out there.” It is right within each heart. Self-love is the most difficult portal to open precisely because it is the most important. Look at the story of Job. Would he love – even in the face of direst adversity – or would he succumb to faithless bitterness? The question is: Does Love sit on the throne of the human being? And this begins with the love of self … because the self is of divine substance.

      The way the alchemy works is difficult to describe (in human terms). Love must occupy the human sphere: This is the great earthly frontier.


        With material logic you mistakenly assume that one human heart is small, as one person seems like a drop in the great ocean of humanity. We wish to tell you that each heart is a vast realm and that nothing is more important than the work of a divine soul. Imagine the expanse of eternity (if you can!) One heart can be an eternal Light, casting its rays forever in all directions. Any act or expression of Love introduces invincible power into many realms.

       Imagine introducing a powerfully toxic element into a body of water…. All the fish will die: plant-forms, microscopic algae … all can perish. Now imagine one agent so powerful it can heal all the life-forms, not only in this moment, but into the future forever. Such is the power of divine Love introduced into the human heart. That heart, existing within the sea of humanity, can transform the whole. Begin to believe this, dear one. Begin to let the scales fall from your eyes and perceive what is True.

       As powerful as the atomic bomb dropped on this day sixty-six years ago is the eternal force of divine love within one human heart.

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 June 23, 2011


       Mercy, the glorious magenta orchid who perches by the window of our bedroom, has been blooming for almost ten months.

      When I come close and peer into her blossoms, I see a nectar-crowned priestess bowing her head and praying….

      Is Mercy holding this fragile world in her gentle blossoms? 

       I think quite possibly that this is so.

      What a fool I’ve been to think it could be otherwise.

 June 23, 2011


On the porch … Summer breezes and high tide. What is this restless spirit? Do I need to receive more love? Show me, dear spiritual companions. Show me how.

    Perhaps, dear one, these restless spirits are not your own. Perhaps they come to you for love … the way the way a butterfly attaches to a flower, sensing its sweet nectar from afar. Do you think that everything that comes to you or passes through you is yourself? Many visitors come in the course of a day, just as you are hostess to many guests in this appealing home.

    How do you greet these restless spirits? 


    Tell them there is nothing to fear. There is enough love for all. God is big enough to house every ill and transform it. And you – servant of Love – are not responsible for providing healing. This is important for your strength and sanity. Because the hungry spirits will come. How do you make yourself ready and hold your inner spaces open to the loving transformation of all that is unfinished? By recognizing that you are a sweet blossom provided by God.

 I sense a problem here. There is only so much nectar at any time. I become depleted when I offer too much.

    So here is a distinction: What is key is your awareness. What is your understanding of yourself and your role? You are not the provider of anything. This is an important shift of perception.

 I guess if I am a blossom of God’s creation, my role – on conscious level – is pretty much nothing. My role is to keep in touch with God.

     Precisely. Like the flower, open to sunlight and rain. Allow soft breezes to move you … welcome this brief experience of being a flower blossoming now.

Pretty simple.


I sense contentment exists somewhere down this path. Even for my jumpy mind.

     You will die, dear Jane. This one who is now a blossom will fade and fall. It is good to recall this, holding it to your heart as a talisman. The Lover is with you in this sojourn where individual perception tells you that you are not God.

But am I God…?

     Of course. The flower is God … as is the butterfly seeking its sweetness. You mind cannot grasp these things, remember, because it is of mortal substance. Allow your heart to receive love, which is your eternal essence. This is really the answer to everything.

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 June 15, 2011

I am feeling a bit drained from a series of offerings, asking for guidance from my unseen friends:

    We are here. Trust the power of the love you offer, which you are learning to draw from unseen pools … living water that will not be exhausted. Now you are experiencing the fatigue of your individual heart and body. That is good. As you feel your own depletion you may ask to be filled with divine strength. Remember: you are only a conduit. Your offerings are not been self-created – all have come from Source enlivening your body and spirit.

    We are here to help you, step by step. The human journey is not a solo venture. The difficulty arises when you look only to your own resources: the cupboard is bare, the body is tired, the spirits are low … and life keeps presenting new challenges and difficulties….


    And what are you to do?

Return to Source, I guess.

    Indeed. We are here, dear one. And here the cupboard is well-stocked, the energy source is inexhaustible, the spirit is hopeful, loving and joyful.

How quickly I forget that this is the place I need to be.

    And have a sense of humor about this! It seems to be part of human nature to “go it alone” … and so you try that for a while. There is no harm in that. Brush yourself off and begin again at the beginning: We are here – a loving collective. Our desire and purpose to is to serve you as your seek to bring immortality through this mortal body … as you try to offer living water, and to drink from it yourself.

    Forgive yourself, over and over, and return to this beautiful fountain that is our sweet conversation: the source of everything.

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 May 3, 2011


                 “Ring the bells that still can ring  

                   Forget your Perfect Offering

             There is a crack, a crack in everything

                  That’s how the light gets in….”

                                                          Leonard Cohen,  Anthem    

Speak to me, Beloved, about these times – the wars, earthquakes, tsunamis … atomic disasters, domestic violence, genocide….  Speak to me about the possibility that I have misperceived all of this. Open my eyes (if only for a moment) to the truth of it.

    We are here, dear Jane. Is it enough to know that these questions are beyond the scope of your vision, your mental capacity to grasp?

     All upheaval and violence - the atrocities beyond bearing - all are somehow in their secret core a face of love. How do we know this? Because every soul is on an eternal trajectory. Some come forth in primitive forms, but even these can be teachers. How can we say these things to the broken-hearted victims of violence? Because we are with them in the incomprehensibility of rape and genocide. We are holding their hearts through abandonment and grief.

     There are so many doorways to Love, dear Jane, and each one of you is bound to find it. Look at your life: the early wounding, and the dedication to finding transcendent love. Is this world any different? The wounded will be healed, the broken made whole. Angels, guides, spirits of all forms are ever at work to transform all of this.

     It is a hard and often a brutal school. Why does such a place exist in a universe inspired by love?

     Imagine molten lava, fiery fluid. Imagine the blinding storm that levels everything … the destruction of cities and lifestyles … the breaking heart of individual consciousness, that agony of separation. The story of mankind is not the rise and fall of kingdoms, but rather the dismembering of the soul. 

What are you trying to say?

 We are trying to say what you cannot quite hear….

     History is not the material phenomena. There is an unbroken progression in the evolution of the heart. It has never been more bright or strong or even more hopeful. Its weakness has been burning away in the fiery furnace of history: the dross that kept the purity at bay … all that threatened to pollute it from within. (In the fiery explosion of the thousand forms) We are witnessing the birth of a universal heart of Love.

     Jane: It is here – like the buds of spring, the shoots secretly peeking through the detritus of the long winter. Content yourself with searching for those new signs of life – for they are everywhere. A new world is at hand that could not coexist with dying forms.

     Rub your eyes and shed your pessimism. Be like a child expecting to be surprised by tiny miracles shooting up everywhere. And be dazzled when they appear.

     This is the time we have all fought for these thousands of years. Awakening is at hand. The fields have been cleared by fire. Hearts have been purified by the hot furnaces of devotion. Allow your mind’s perceptions to rest. The time of awakening has arrived.   

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 March 17,2011


You feed me today with sunlight, sweet breezes and the lilting songs of birds who’ve long awaited Spring. We celebrate all together, baked in sunlight, even though the air is still cool and snow patches linger in shady places. This is so good for my heart, Beloved. I long to do your work and live my days with you … but as you know I often become obsessed with little jobs, and computer-bound with a headache and my soul shut-down....

    Now is the only moment, dear one. This is the only reality. This joy wafting on the breezes, birthing in your sun-pressed heart…. This Joy is all there is.

Is this what happens when the clouds have passed over the sun?

    This is reality, Jane.

But the things that warm my heart right now are temporary: the land was covered with snow and ice not long ago, under a dark sky….

    The seasons you experience throughout life offer an opportunity to penetrate the veil of the temporary show. Death also may appear to be a cold and dark place. But see how soon these illusions are replaced by birdsong and rejoicing? And so it is with the great cataclysms of this time, whether in Japan or Africa, the Middle East or here at home.

    The Abiding Reality is this glorious transformation. And every year Nature repeats her show as if to say: “What do you think is really Real?” And remember as she lovingly repeats this grand performance you are the observer.

    You may also be the observer in your own life’s cycles: “Ah – I am strong and happy now. Oh - today is a sad and tired day. Ah – the body is drifting off now…. Oh – This observer self is eternal!"

    It is the materialism of this age which has taken away some of the breadth (we might say poetry) of this perspective. And we are here to offer Joy in all the seasons. Because soon enough this body’s life will pass…. But we will always be here with you to celebrate this moment.

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 March 4, 2011


Beloved: how blessed I feel this morning to sit before this beautiful view and feel that we are together. Feeling you is everything. But so often I do not. Please speak to me about this – the sure knowledge of your company within me, here and now, the Joy....

    It is a subtle awareness in your heart. Release any mental analysis – that is the place of doubt and separation. Let it go, as if you were watching clouds pass before the sun. Let it go and breathe. You may place your hands over your heart and allow sensations to come, sweetly welcoming them all. Imagine that we love you. Call us friends, or emissaries of God. Call us loving energy or angels, or guides. Beneath, before, within, throughout, pulsing, impregnating, inviting….

    When you place your hands over your heart and breathe, you may feel none of these things. There may be sadness, doubt, anger, or simply coldness. Allow these things. Bring them the warmth of your touch. Hold them against your heart.

    We will tell you a secret now: If you allow the smallest bit of love into these forsaken places, it is as if you have been touched by the hand of God. All God wants is the loving. Here is the answer to everything: separation, fear, loneliness, war, anger … all the suffering of the earth and its inhabitants. The simplest gesture of love is the answer. Just this one. Because you are the beloved. The beloved is yourself. You were never alone. The whole of creation is held in your hands, learning to love a little bit, just this moment. Right here now. That is all, really. It is so simple.

    This will not make sense to your mind. It is as if Humpty-Dumpty has fallen and the mind was long ago irreparably confused. Stop trying to fix it! Let it go. Try it now this way – the way we have been showing you. The other way hasn’t been working so well….

What do we say to all the war and suffering of this planet?

    Peace is even now blooming within each heart so subtly you will not know it. Do not drain your energy in opposition. Do not divert your most powerful assets in frustration anger or fear. Redirect. Go deep. Find the compassion for the self, for the other, and for this world. Mine for the true gold and bring it out of its hiding places.

What does it mean, to mine for gold? How does this translate to the people who will be looking for concrete answers?

    Welcome everything with love. Love produces the alchemy, always … without fail. Find the most violent criminal and nourish him with love. Do not do anything. Hold him in your heart. Focus love and focus love again. Your heart is like a forge – the only forge on earth powerful enough to turn base metals into gold. This is your unfailing asset. Use it for everything. Any negative circumstance can be transformed by love. Take a violent scenario in a distant land and hold it inwardly as if it were a crying child. House and soothe it in your heart. Learn to be the mother of everything. This is the blessed transformation. It is a forgotten art in most places, this kind alchemy. Now materialism praises all that glitters, however base the metal and however temporary the form. The gold that we are speaking of is eternal and imperishable. It is also known as the Living Water that satisfies the thirst of the soul forever.

It is still hard to believe that such an obscure sounding thing would be enough … for facing down the violence and suffering of this age.

    We can agree that a new element is needed in the global picture – a new influence. It may feel generic to say that the new element is love. Let’s be more specific. It is Universal Consciousness, a true awareness that what is done to you in a harmful way is harmful to me. What is helpful to you helps me: Cooperative Consciousness. But what will make this sort of shift possible? How is this change in awareness to occur? For this to occur a new ingredient is required, a new development in enlightenment is in order. It is the understanding of the true eternal nature of Reality.

    What is real? What abides? It is the “Aha” moment when a leader will realize that no useful and lasting power can be achieved through force or domination. And it is the moment when the people will know that they cannot be dominated by any outside force. This kind of knowing has eluded civilizations, by and large, for thousands of years. But the enlightened individuals have understood - Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Sojourner Truth, Oscar Romero…. They experienced a mighty truth within themselves that could then be applied to global situations. But the knowing began within: the forging of a force unstoppable and invincible because it was born of immortal elements. This is the alchemy we are speaking of. Let us mine for the gold that does not perish.

    And so we advocate turning inward and beginning with earnest efforts at self-love. This is a challenging frontier – perhaps the most vital one of all. Do not imagine that it will be easy. It may be the work of a lifetime, and beyond. Begin now. Begin gently. Know that there is great encouragement in unseen realms, for this is the work of this moment.

It seems to me that all of the inspired, enlightened individuals of history have always tried for this … how is this time different?

     This time the material human frontiers have dwindled and are imperiled. What has been the work of the few becomes the imperative of the collective. The time is at hand for humanity to shift on a vast scale.

I see. There is nowhere else to go … and the time is short for our lifestyle to survive on earth.

    The time is now.

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 February 7, 2011


    You are a sentient eternal petal of the divine flower. There are no words to describe this eternal part of you, as words are inadequate. You are an essential part of this vast song, this blissful dance, this indescribable love affair.

      “Now is the time to know that everything you do is sacred.”  Hafiz

I need to feel you near, Beloved. With the demands of life and family, my energies feel like they’ve been wrestled into confusion….

    We are here, dear one. All is well. Remember that cloud formations only temporarily block the sun. Please be gentle with yourself in these days. It is not laziness or sloth that calls you into quiet and simplicity. It is our love … and it is an imperative of this time. So do not compare yourself with others and do not judge. Be still and very simple. Chaos is abroad. And – as you have seen in these days – can easily settle anywhere at any time. Be prepared within yourself by holding to your strong center.

    You do not need to reach out – try more, do more, show up more…. Let “less” be the password for this time and find our still center often. Accept there the peace that passes understanding. The chaos of these days will continue as change accelerates. So every day come here, dearest one, and let us be together. We will be waiting, with a cup of tea. But if you turn over and fall back to sleep we will not be displeased. In every Now we await you, holding out our loving arms. Love is everywhere.

    I find it difficult to regain my place of peace in you following troubling news reports …. I know that this conversation is all that is eternal, and that this is light-filled and loving. But the tragedies of this world – however temporal – are profoundly distressing. Will you speak to me about these times? What guidance is there for us? The sense I have is that a certain form, including our material perception of reality, is passing. And one can dwell on this disruption or begin to align with nascent frequencies.

    We are here, dear one. These “nascent frequencies” are growing stronger and are more available. It is increasingly easy for people to tune in and receive messages of love and truth. Whatever passage they choose, with a pure heart, will be fruitful. Our companionship and guidance will be increasingly apparent. And new vision will be granted for the way of the present and future. Indeed there is no present or future – all time is now. This perception of the eternal, present moment will increase as material phenomena reveal their transparency. [This work – of penetrating the temporal and seeding new perception – is going on all over the world and has indeed never been interrupted within certain indigenous cultures.]

    For the reader, then, the ‘work’ is to step back and find a space of present moment throughout the day, and especially when confronted with challenging scenarios. And they must understand that this present awareness is eternal. This awareness is the unceasing conscious life. If there were to be a sudden interruption of the body’s function – accident or death – this consciousness would continue.

    In human evolution this eternal consciousness is the next form of being. In time it will be uninterrupted by material preoccupation. Although exciting innovations will continue to occur, the foundation of being will have shifted out of identification with material life. This is difficult for the mind to conceive at present, and so many planetary teachers and guides are available visibly as well as invisibly. The seeker need never despair. There are many doorways into the joy and freedom of eternal awareness. Each reader will find these words affirmed as they ingest them, and allow the signs and messages to come.

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 January 21, 2011


Today again I return to these words from a poem by Hafiz:

    “Your wounds of love can only heal

        When you can forgive

            This dream.”

How can I forgive this dream? Sometimes it seems that sorrow is seeping through the cracks … the dam is crumbling and tidal waves of pain and loss are pushing back my efforts of love and hope. I know better. My spirit knows that love is the song that lasts forever and suffering is temporary, but how do I forgive this dream?

This is a difficult path. This human life is a difficult path. From an eternal perspective we call these things dreams but for the human heart they are unspeakably real. The abuse of innocence, vast suffering … death.

What does it mean to forgive these things?

    Begin by holding them tenderly, even if they break your heart. Allow this heart to be bathed in grief: there is no stopping it in any case. There is no escape. It will do you no harm. Notice that something else begins to envelope you: a great calm. This is “the Peace that passes understanding.” (Bible)

    Remember that this culture has attempted to abolish grief and frailty. And so at this crucial moment of healing and awakening there will be waves of banished sorrow. They will not harm you. Like lost children they seek safe haven. Allow them to come: this is a kindness. Even if the sorrows are not your own, accept them anyway as they are seeking healing. This is not an idle process or a maudlin exercise . Energy is shifting now on a vast scale. Institutions, powers and policies that have held dominion for thousands of years are toppling. The energies that supported these structures are breaking off in all directions. They will need shelter while they find their way. So welcome them all. This will lend goodness to chaotic times and fertilize the positive changes to come.

For myself, at a personal level, there are things I can’t seem to forgive. And outside my window I’ve seen three military carriers in the sky … going to Afghanistan? How can I forgive this dream?

    They are doing the best they can. And this is also the sorrow. This is the best they can do. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do:” Jesus asks God to forgive his murderers.

How much sorrow can one person bear?

    We are not asking you to take on more than you are able … only to be human. This human being is a great creation. This human being can suffer for others, can carry their pain. And this is the divine love they offer. This human being can also be God, bearing, creating, healing, rejoicing….

Such a strange and awesome journey: What is the meaning of it all?

    Someday you will understand. Someday you will “see face to face.” Today you are bearing something, and bearing is no idle task. To bear is to tend and help birth. You are birthing new worlds in this sorrow, in this sweet offering.

There are so many good people in the world. People who offer themselves over and over with steadfast kindness and faith….


Have they forgiven the dream? Have they risen from their bed of heartache to bear a new world?

    There is need in this time for rest and replenishment. And we want to say that it should be pleasurable and fun. This is the part we wish for you to playfully explore.

    We also want to say that it is time to stop underestimating your work in this planetary moment. There is no measurement for it in the crumbling materialistic super-culture that cries out: “Save me from myself!”

    Your minds cannot grasp what is now taking place. Only deep attunement will take you to the great veins of hope that herald new life forms. The modern mind, separate from “deep knowing”, sees death as final and tragic, where the deeper attunements afford glimpses of necessary and exciting new developments. These changes are understood within non-egotistical life-forms.

    We suggest that you do not try to understand with your mind, as this mind itself is part of what is being replaced. And with the faith of a child you may rejoice in this: “The witch is dead!” Yes: an extreme expression, but think of it. These minds - in the western world – have been taught the superiority of human domination over nature and other humans. They have been schooled on the heroic exploits of a series vanquishers of indigenous civilizations. These minds have been conditioned to accept that arsenals of hideous devices of mass murder are necessary to protect a superior life-style. And, perhaps most tragically, these minds have been encouraged to avoid the painful parts of human life through a glut of material pleasure and the objectification of what is unpleasant: “Spend: Enjoy; Get the most of everything!”

    Perhaps it is time for this relic of a mind to be retired. New earth requires new tenderness , sensitivity and vulnerability. So let go of all that is dying, and remember the new is a deep and sweet awakening heralding unimaginable harmony, innovation and joy.

All will be well.

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 December 22, 2010


This dark ball rolls around inside … my darkness, or some cosmic tempest that’s lodged here…. I don’t want it. Please advise.

    We are here, dear one. Hollow armies still roam this earth, in case you hadn’t noticed. They are like scary costumes draped on sticks; but humanity is frail and mortal, so it trembles in fear.

    You have come to the right place for comfort and truth. We are here and all is well. Breathe out the hollow dreams and breathe in the glad fragrance of the Beloved, showering joyful love everywhere - in every atom and flower, in every puddle of mud and every soul. There is nothing that abides apart from this divine love, of this you can be sure.

              “Your wounds of love

                  Can only heal

            When you can forgive this dream.”


    We are well content with you, dear one. There is indeed nothing more to be “done” than to feel the truth of our union. Here is gladness and freedom. Here and nowhere else.

It is hard for me to accept this.

    Then call the work by another name. Give it an Important Title. Call it: “The Quest to be at One With the Beloved.” Be bold enough to strike out of a limited materialistic paradigm and say the words aloud. Or perhaps you will say nothing at all, and your silence will speak.

Why is so much rest required? Why is this body so weak and tired?

    Perhaps “ego” has no right to ask. Have you thought of that? Who is Ego to understand the mysteries of life and death and transformation? Ego must be replaced now, dearest one, and she/he will not go down without a fight (as you have seen.) But remember that Ego, too, is tired of this mortal struggle. And you may say: “Dear friend: you’ve served me well, but now my god is master, the great I Am. And now you may relax your grip. We are neither bad nor good, success nor failure. We are on another mission now and it is Love. So sit back, please, and be a passenger on this new journey.” Perhaps Ego will be grateful for the rest!

Fear comes up.

    So say to the fear: It’s time we set out now, in spite of reservations. Let’s just cut the moorings that have bound us. Though the wind may seem fiercer for a time, all will be well.

I’ll try.

    Don’t try! Just fall in love … receive our love….  Let go.

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 December 2, 2010


Please speak to me about stress….

    We are here. All is well. Some of the stress you experience is a product of the constant striving of your nature. We wish to bring you peace and pleasure. Imagine that: Peace, pleasure, and all good things. The day of suffering is past.

    Imagine that for the whole world. This time is an ending in many ways, and we delight with you in “hospicing” a dying form of life. It is not a time to grieve. The old must give way to the new, which is alight with promise and sparkling with pure intention. It is time to shed the skin and release the form of millennia of human striving.

    Imagine that you have come to the end of a great chain of events which has pushed a certain consciousness to the brink of itself. It has stretched and moved within its potential to a point of maximum expansion. And so it shows its cracks and weaknesses and cries out: “Please sustain me!”

   There is no sustaining a dying form. Only new life offers hope for the future. And – please believe – there is exciting new life awakening all over the world … indeed, well beyond this world. There may be detected seeds of anticipation and enormous possibility outside and in. By that we mean of course the material forms of society are everywhere restructuring, and - perhaps most importantly – there are great internal changes. Energy itself is altering. Each of you is an “energy factory,” and that is the vital work of this moment of human evolution.

    Spend time within your bodies in subtle awareness. This requires introspection. Quiet. Whether in sitting, in walking, or in lying down, attune yourselves to the atmosphere within. If there is tension, allow the tension. Mother it with soothing comfort: “There there, dear one.” You may say to the self who experiences the tension: “Be still, little one. Be still … rest. You are loved.”

    If there is pain within your inner climate, please treat this part of yourself with great tenderness, as if you were holding a crying infant. Allow space for the tears: there is no hurry.

    Do you begin to understand? Each one of you, within yourself, is the mother to awakening consciousness. But you must begin at the beginning. Spend time now with the condition that exists within yourself. Be the mother of it, or the gentle, loving father.

   Within yourself you bear all the scars of what has been and the dreams of what will be. Indeed, these conditions are now coexisting within your energy field even as they exist. throughout the collective. And you are the steward of this space, loving, tending, hoping, grieving, listening, healing, resting…. Loving awareness is the calling.

   And the sweetness is beyond anything this world can offer. Let there be no great effort. Love will do the work.  In your kind attentions to your inner spaces you are simply tending the soil. Divine Love plants the seeds and nurtures them with light and inspiration. Like a patient gardener, you await Love’s leading….

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 October 21, 2010


I am feeling a bit down and discouraged. It is difficult for me to know how to love and care for myself.

    This is one very important way: to be here now in this conversation.

I miss it when we don’t speak – regardless of how powerful or rich is the alternative.

    We miss each other. We miss the Wholeness.

What is this Wholeness?

    It is the love embodiment. The direct Source. When we are consciously together there is a bliss which all of creation yearns for. It is the inexhaustible, the all-that-is. If you could imagine a great love – a great fire of inextinguishable passion, life and inspiration - this is the Heart, the love song that echoes through all of creation. The song indeed manifests all-that-is and each one, recognizing its relation to the vibrancy, feels its bliss. And the human consciousness has a choice in any moment to receive its bliss or to imagine itself separate from all-that-is.

When you put it that way, there seems very little inducement to be separate. It feels sad to me in this moment that we have the choice. I envy the birds and the waters, the fish and the trees , who seem so abandoned to the elements of life.

    You get to choose love. And it is a high calling. Love of self, love of other, love of all-that-is.

Why would we not choose love?

    Why, indeed.

There is no argument for it.

    No argument but one: Immortality.


    There is a part – call it the ego part – which seeks its own power source so it can defy the laws of life and death.

… because it doesn’t believe in the afterlife?

   The body does not have afterlife. The body dies. Ego is of the body’s mind. Ego is fed and fluffed and flattered at every turn in this society. It is a culture of ego – false I Am. A culture of illusion. Obviously, youth, beauty, power and wealth are held up as the desirable standards … the currencies of success and happiness.

…and so it is hard when one wants to be authentic and stumbles over imperfection, weakness, the inevitable decline of the body.

    And so there is a strange relationship with death and dying. Illness dismantle the ego’s illusions of immortality.

How untidy.

    It is a wounded system. Ego’s wounds are bleeding all over, if you notice. But the good news is that this great golden calf may at last be dismantled in this age. In any case Love wins – because love is immortal, inextinguishable, ever-present.

It feels wonderful to sit here and contemplate with you the ever-presence of love … and to see that regardless of the crises of ego that ring throughout this body of mine and this pervasive culture, love is ever-present , indestructible and immortal. And it is so blissful … so easy.

    So it is easy. Not a self-creation, but an act of acceptance and remembering  … an act of receiving and rejoicing.

    The Lover is here now, asking to embrace you, asking you to join the dance….

Thank you.

    Thank you.

I guess the simple truth is I get sad when I haven’t been in this conversation for a while. I miss you.

    We are here. Always ready to love and to resume the dance….

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 September 27, 2010


    …more than anything else. What is this life without love? Love of self, of this earth, awe in each breath, gratitude for movement, for the gift of each day…. What is this life without taking time for praise? It is all mystery – how and why everything is as it is: Mystery. Did you grow the trees, let loose the waters, animate the creatures, color the grasses…? Any way you attempt to explain it, human beings are incapable of grasping this great creation without Awe. Because, indeed, the creatures of air and water – seen and unseen – communicate through waves of bliss. They feel each other, and in this way it can be said that inchoate creation is superior to the human form … because it exists by and through the song of all-that-is, incapable of removing itself from the pulsing vibration of the Love that is the sap of life.

How can we find our way?

    Be here now. Listen. Breathe. The air that seems empty will soon speak,
as you invite its language.

    Say to the many voices: “Come!”


 I think we often doubt spiritual guidance, or even presence, for the very reason that it is so close and available – so like us. It is not especially awesome or other: it is available and familiar … ordinary. (Who is to say what is ordinary or extraordinary, apart from social conditioning? In fact, if we look closely enough, everything we see is extraordinary.)

When someone is dying, the field changes a bit – like the changing of seasons. The landscape alters. Where before it was Spring or Summer, now the leaves are turning color or falling off the trees. Our expectation changes. It is a time to gather, shore up and prepare for solitude. Because we have seen it before, we who have survived New England winters never-the-less believe the fantastic miracle that Spring will come. But we are all secretly amazed by it. In the dead of winter, nothing anywhere can convince us that reawakening will occur.

In a similar way it seems unbelievable when someone who is dying hears or sees things that we do not. But it is all here: if we are still enough we can hear the voices whispering too. The new flower is alive in the bulb buried deep underground. All the stages of existence are here simultaneously if we are still enough to allow these dimensions to enter our awareness. And when they come to us we may doubt them, precisely because they feel ordinary and familiar. They have been here all along – our silent attendance has turned up the volume to their presence.

 The perceptions of linear time and material reality are the powerful basis of our current societal belief system. We are hypnotized to claim that this alone is real. These are limiting perceptions. We will relax our fear and anxiety as we let these imperatives (“Time is running out and I don’t have enough of everything….”) slip away. Time is infinite and this material manifestation is temporary.
 What is real? Meditate on that and the generous quiet presences will speak in the language of Love and Truth. They have been here all along. Stillness is the doorway. Our minds do not understand the true nature of Reality: Only Love can lead us.

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 August 9, 2010


I am missing you so much. Please speak to me. There has been recent loss and difficulty and I’m finding it so hard to feel any joy.

    This is the rhythm of life – the impermanence of the physical. The joy of the physical is temporary. There is another Joy that Abides.

Speak to me about that joy.

     In every death there is the seed of new life: it can be said that all is Life. In every loss there is the seed of a new gift: it can be said that all gifts are eternal.

Too much Lao Tzu. Try again.

    We are here, dear one. This conversation never changes. There will be terrible calamities – wars, toxic chemical spills, famine, sufferings of all kinds…. But that is not the Real Conversation. You already know this! (Now we are raising our voices.) The real conversation, for some, begins at the body’s death: imagine that! All their lives some individuals are self-centered and insular … and only in the moments following death do they begin to glimpse a vaster canvas of life. So what is real? Is that death a tragedy?

    We are not saying that an oil spill is not a tragedy … or the suffering of a child. Not for a moment. But there is unseen grace. There are mercies. There are great life-giving powers. You may at any time step more boldly into your spiritual and prophetic power.

    Do not stand in the doorway wondering if it is safe to speak the truth. Clearly, nothing on this earth is “safe.” So live boldly.

Please speak to me about healing the old internal wounds that seem to rise up again and again….

    Breathe into Love itself wherever you find it. In the monarch butterflies, the bird-song …become aware of the frequency of Love, which is the Abiding Frequency – the Prime Frequency without which nothing has been made which was made.

Will we destroy this earth – this tribe of greedy narcissists?

    You are not that powerful.

But it feels as if we have destroyed so much: oil spills and toxic dumping in land and sea; pollution of air; global warming; nuclear fallout  … so much damage … so much loss.

    …So much beauty, so much love and joy and promise…. Love is the Prime Frequency. Nothing else abides. “The light came into the world and the darkness has not put it out.” The darkness cannot put it out. As long as there is one tiny spark of light anywhere in the entire cosmos, there is Light. Are you in charge of this? Do you understand the mysteries of creation?

    You have no right to be pessimistic. And you know the great alchemy – the secret that there is no death of what lives. There is transformation which your mind cannot grasp: Allow your heart to believe it. There is no place for pessimism here. Call it cowardice. Reject it. Hope and have faith anyway. This is the great way: the sacred path. Invest in this: enrich it by putting your confidence there. 

    This is the push of battle now: The war cry of Life! Don’t entertain the negativity that accompanies fear and cowardice.

     This is your true life lesson. Step into it more boldly now. The step occurs: you take it … and the rest is absolutely taken care of – one-hundred percent.

What about all those worrisome tasks and details I need to attend to…?

     Look around you: Have I not surrounded you with beauty, bounty, love  … a rich and rewarding life?

You have.

    I ask you only to Trust. Trust and come to me, my love. Come into my embrace fully and often. When the fear arises – day and night – know in spite of it that all is well. Do not invite or attach to the anxiety. Notice it and imagine it may have some cleansing purpose – somewhere, somehow. It has no bearing on Abiding Reality: nothing can diminish that.

    The long view is the only true one. And you already know the long view, the Ultimate Reality … so stop pretending! Inherit your kingdom! Walk like a queen who knows her way … for we are always here.

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 July 16, 2010


Spirit tells me:

    Our work is quieter now. Let us discover a new name …“Being”. Our love affair has a new face and voice. I am calling you more actively into my arms … out of the dream of “Activism”. This being-awareness is no less active, but its activity is of a less kinetic nature. It is a deep integration. The slow dance of older lovers who no longer rush to finish their passion’s expression, understanding that love is in every moment: Passion is the very sap of life. They spread it like honey over their days, feeling its rich oil, savoring its sweet sap.

    Feel the fragrance of our love: As if, at any moment, you might round a corner to find me there, waiting for your embrace. I am receiving you as the flower petal opens to fresh morning dew. Think of me this way. Each morning you might turn your head to see mine there, on the pillow beside you, adoring your sweet face. I am yours, beloved, and you are mine. Remember the sweetness of our loving: This is the fragrance that gives beauty to this world. Let this be your only pursuit: to open your petals in the morning of each moment, collecting the dew of my desire for you….

    Let this be our sweet secret: There is no music in all the heavens but this, the love song of all things. The only illusion of this world is in forgetting I am here.


I seem to be receiving the instruction, over and over, to focus on self-love. To love myself as if I were the Beloved. As if this were all in the world: the Beloved and myself. Myself as the Beloved, the Beloved as myself. Perhaps the dance is also this: we can change viewpoints. Sometimes we spin and forget who is partnering whom. Who is the seer, who the seen. Who is the word and who the listener.

I creep around this one great mystery as if it were something huge and foreign, strange and incomprehensible. How to open this great box? Right now I shall just notice it is here – this one huge key, this great black door. It is here and I am here and I am noticing.

     The word for today is Compassion – to mine for this rare jewel. Love this physical incarnation – this body who navigates the human journey in her allotted time. When you love her, you create new love to focus and send out within this planet and all of creation. Self-love is a primary portal for Light’s transforming energy. Isn’t it lovely? What benefits you also raises the vibration of the collective. Today you may reflect upon this very simple illumination: "Each time I send love to myself, I enhance the vibration of the cosmos. I am a valuable portal of Love energy."

    Notice the love in you. With hands over your heart, feel and increase the warmth. Experience it. Breathe it. Appreciate it. Feel gratitude. That is all. That is the lesson for this time. We are here.


    Internal peace requires practice. Gentleness requires patience and repeated renewal of unconditional self-love. Not love that is deserved or earned … love that asks no questions and poses no judgment or condition. Over and over you will practice and results won’t be immediately apparent. But you will see. All will be well.

    This journey is about faith and love … one step at a time. We so appreciate your efforts and want to impress upon you that you don’t need to work at this process. We are here, and we are helping you in so many ways. For you to feel our presence and notice love is the important focus. We really will take care of the rest.

    Accept these profound lessons with a humble heart. Be simple within your innermost being. Even that space is an unknown horizon: Who is here, within this self? Only God, in her shifting aspects. God within and God without…. Open only and always to me as if everything were only an aspect of my love. The whole dance is this: Our love awakening to itself.

    Simplify. Who is here in this room?

You are here. And I am … that is, God in me is here. God as me. God wearing my clothes….

    So only God is here, as we acknowledge that all is animated by Divine Spirit.

Only God is here.

    How simple is that?

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 June 23, 2010

The Greater Reality

I’d love to hear from you, my companions. We haven’t spoken for a while….

    We are here, dear one. And we appreciate your noticing the need to be present in this moment. Now. Life is so much simpler and more joyful in this way. Here, together, just as we are and will be for All Time. Because All Time is now. When we shift our focus to All Time, to the bliss and radiant joy that’s eternally present, apart from all striving, then we can look back and observe the passing phenomena of physical bodies and all of the events that befall them.

      What we also wish to stress is that it is entirely all right to distance yourself, as needed, from the emotional and material vicissitudes of this life. This is not laziness or denial. It is in fact tuning into the Greater Reality: that all will be well. The vicissitudes are part of the passing show: forms of “work” taking place all around you that may serve the karma of evolution. Often for you to over involve yourself with all of this is actually detrimental. Let us give you an analogy:

      In the world of sustainable “Perma-culture” farming, the steward of the land notices season after season that what appears as blight to one crop benefits another, or that what appears as a pest one year fertilizes a new crop-strain in the next. Within the perspective of time, the farmer begins to understand that the self-correction of natural cycles possesses a higher wisdom than his own mind can perceive within any individual season. And by respectfully observing the behavior of the organic life over time, the farmer learns to support its cycles. The land teaches its steward.

    Often personal crises are part of a self-correction process that ought not to be disturbed. But with our limited vision we may fail to grasp this. A humble approach tells us that we are not possessed of the eternal view: we do not know the plan of God, of Love: The Big Picture. So to meditate and observe with patient assurance is often the best approach.

Why am I so tired?

    Why not? Do you see the overview? This is a case in point. Do you know the divine purpose of this fatigue? You do not. Humbly accept this condition. And smile. There is joy in every facet of this life…. It is a sweet river whose water bathes the weary traveler. Allow yourself to be bathed in Joy. Why not? It doesn’t need to be earned, it just it …. A blessing and a grace free for all at all times.


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  May 24, 2010

The Cosmic Messenger

That red-winged blackbird seems to smash himself against the glass until I awaken. When I’m watching – no smash. But when I lie back down and drift off to sleep … crash, bang, smush. I sit up and look, and there he is, filling up his wide chest, pulling back his wings and crying out. Is he some cosmic messenger?

 It works, in any case. He crashes till my tired, grumpy self can’t stand it anymore and I at last sit up for good. And then perhaps the cardinal comes (the lesser birds respectfully back away). His plume aloft, he surveys the handsome landscape and I think: “So – life is still worth living.”

 If this whole performance is meant to prop me up it’s working. Now I have my tea. I’ve hobbled downstairs (inwardly counting up the aches in hip, foot, back and head … listing from side to side). I’ve cleaned the kitchen, fed the cat and given him his antibiotic, made my precious tea … and returned to bed. But I am sitting up.

Are you calling me inward, Beloved? Are you, in the voice of the blackbird and the splendor of the cardinal, saying: “Wake up, sit up, be here now…?” I am here now, my love. I am here. And I declare that in all this world no thing is more important than this conversation - this silence - with you.

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  May 2, 2010

Morning Musings… 

It seems that on most mornings I still wake up with gnarly feelings: guilt, anxiety, negativity…. I need to ask for help and soon enough a message comes: 

    Remember that all is well. These are exciting times of great awakening and transformation. All is well and all will be well. You have nothing to fear.

What do I do when I wake up with darkness and anxiety?

     Center yourself in Oneness (Great Self) and in our conversation. Remember who you are: a being both human and divine. The mortal self presents myriad challenges even as immortal being calls you into the great eternal dance. This is not an easy path to navigate. Every morning we begin again at the beginning.

    It will not always be this way: a time will come before long when you will not be lost in forgetting…. You can help this day along with your awareness: We are here together in the path of Light.

I could use some specific directions on what this entails.

     The best practice will be an easy one. When you become aware of the inner voice of doom and gloom, address it kindly but directly: “We want to remind you that all is well – things are not as they seem. Light is everywhere; Love is unstoppable; Grace abounds…. We are not alone: armies of ancestors and spirit helpers are healing this planet….” Let the words come to you and enjoy the creative process of imagining new realities. Like creating a pretty picture or poem, or talking to a child…. Lighten the discourse with hope, beauty and inspiration.

    Remember that those old voices are nothing more than dust … a bad dream … vapor. Yes, great horrors have been perpetrated on this earth, but what remains now of all that darkness? Nothing but memories, and even those are fading. The greatest evils the devil has devised are temporary and soon transformed. There is no permanent home for darkness in creation. All is transmuted into Light.

    Now is the time of alchemy where base metals are forged into purer stuff. The fire needs to be hot. The alchemist, sure of her purpose, wears a smile of confidence: “All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.”

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   March 15, 2010


Here within myself I feel a bit tired and introspective. Not too interested
in getting busy.

    We are here, dear one. And we affirm the importance of such introspective time. There is no reason to feel self-critical when you rest and turn inward, breathing in what is. This is in fact a very fruitful exercise (in spite of the messages of your culture) – only through receptivity can transformation occur.

    At the beginning and ending stages of life, persons usually experience prolonged periods of receptivity which are necessary for their transitional processes – their acclimation. But it is also important all along the way to allow for unstructured time for breathing and opening to all-that-is and all that is being created around and through you.

    Remember that it is this world which is the illusion. We do not mean by this to say that what takes place is of no importance, but we want to make very clear the priority of the Real. The Real is what will abide; the illusion is what will soon alter. So much of human activity is like building castles in the sand. The tide will soon return and wash it away…. What will remain? If you invest in the building of the castle, trusting this effort to grant you security and happiness, you will be disappointed.

    So where do you put your trust? Where do you invest your creativity? Plant your roots deeply into creation itself – Abiding Reality. Ask of the great Lover: “How do we dance this time? What benefits life…?” The material form of your body and its trappings will perish in any case. But the breath of Love which you inhale and then offer in your way … this will be fruitful within the great eternal dance.

    Gratitude is a good place to begin. Trust and be grateful. Trust that all is well: that God is ever-present, loving and bountiful. Trust that you will be filled with all you need to go forth with each new day. And be grateful for each manifestation you see of divine presence. Look around you: Where are the gifts? Count them. Be specific – this body, these clothes, this food, this day, this present moment which is entirely open in gracious self-offering. What will you make of this moment? Begin with trust and gratitude.

    And remember that you are not an independent organism: You are part of the whole. You will experience ease with this shifting awareness to the extent that you receive within yourself the subtle currents that form the life flowing through you. Where are they? What do they feel like? Enjoy this exploration. Receive these currents. Respond with relaxed acceptance to what your mind does not yet grasp.

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   February 24, 2010

The Vessel

As I sit in silence this morning hoping for help from unseen companions, I am aware of heaviness and self-judgment….

    We are here. We are always grateful for the opportunity to share time with you in love and we are grateful for your willingness to offer yourself as a channel for healing guidance to come for yourself and the collective.

My “vessel” feels most impure and unworthy today.

    And of course the purity or worth of the vessel is not the point: it is the willingness to be an offering. This is all that is ever asked or required. Please understand that as soon as you invite us in we cleanse the frequency completely: this is part of our offering to you. Our presence offers an immediate shift … a lift. It increases the frequency of Divine Light, not only here in your heart and body, but also within this house, and on this earth plane. As ever we repeat to you: This is no small work. Every time you offer yourself and say, “Come”, the holy work occurs. Every time without exception.

    Of course, this is simple but not easy work. The world of humanity is charged  with difficulty. But the enlightened eye can see in every difficulty an opportunity, And here the smile of remembrance comes: Every obstacle is an opportunity for grace. An obstacle, lovingly attended, can be an opportunity for great beauty….

    There is something we wish to emphasize now: You have a tendency towards negative self-analysis: The cup is half full. What is required now is no self-analysis – none. Your mind has no measuring tools for this spiritual work which is your calling. And the heart, soul and spirit do not measure immeasurables like love. No soul is worthy; none is unworthy. Stop thinking that by analytical criticism you can make an iota of improvement. You cannot.

Breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Apart from that – and the upkeep of body and home – there is little you need to do. Remember when, in afterlife, your father observed that so little he had concerned himself about in his life was of any real importance? Consider the mystery that surrounds you in life: there are times of joy and sorrow over which you have little control … times of grace and times of upheaval. There are baffling cosmic mysteries and miracles of creation. There is life … death … eternity. Do you understand these things?

    The part of life over which you have control is very small indeed: “I may love in this moment, or I may not love.” That is about all. Love or not love.
In this part of the human dream the illusion of control is almost megalomaniacal. Your body is a small actor on a great stage. And in
some ways this is a great relief. Let God be great. And yes: align yourself with that greatness. Do its work and receive its benefits. Serve and delight in God’s presence. But do not torture yourself with delusions of individual power. No power exists apart from Source (the generator, if you will) and there is freedom in remembering this. Align with Source and then relax.
The rest will follow.

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   January 20, 2010

The Abiding Conversation

Every morning when I wake up some inner voice is saying: “Who are you? What are you doing with your life? Who do you think you are?” Having no good answer, I begin to sink into self-contempt. But in this conversation I remember: I am not on that carousel. I hear it, see its music, peruse the multi-colored horses, but this is not my milieu – it is none of my business. I’ve stepped off, though I hear the music loud and clear. Here – as I wait for the abiding conversation, for the silent voice – I recall myself and contentment returns. There is no earthly measure for what I do. I am waiting on the Beloved … offering myself as a portal for love and grace.

    We are here. You may think of this as bedrock. And imagine this bedrock as a boulder set upon the earth that marks Abiding Reality and contains magnetic particles pointing to Truth: true love, peace and joy. What is asked of you is to return to this bedrock as often as you can. Out of this relationship you will be guided. Your orientation will be provided. Kindness, patience, gentleness and love will flow. If there is work for you, it will be given.

Am I doing enough?

    This conversation is meaningful work. You have made it a priority, recognizing it as your Living Water. Remember, there is really not so much to be “done”. You might ask: “What is my state of being? Am I open to divine calling? Am I a willing messenger? Do I seek to channel love and grace…?” This is the fruitful life: the one that is available. The fruitful work always begins with availability. The important job is the waiting. Like Mary, you may think of yourself as a “hand-maid of the Lord.”

What a beautiful thing. There is nothing I would rather be.

    And this is true whether you live or die. The relationship is the same. It is true wherever you are, whatever you do. If you do nothing, this relationship remains the same, as long as you allow it and say “yes” to it. This is your true calling. Nothing else is required of you.

And that is all?

    That is all.

Here I am. Right here. I’m available. Are there more words to record?

    Say that the dance is going on beautifully within the cosmos. The sky is not falling … in spite of all signs of disaster and doom. The picture is great, vast, expansive. Carry hope and love for this immense unknowable dance.

   That is all.

When each morning brings with it the pattern of internal heaviness,
how shall I react?

    Understand that in your world a great shift is taking place out of material-centric consciousness. Insofar as individuals are invested in material outcomes, they will be disappointed. Because these idols are finite: they decay and perish. Yours has been – by and large – a culture devoted to very short-term ends. And fortunately the folly of consumer/materialism is showing itself more plainly now. Of course this causes pain to many people … but this pain is itself the occasion for grace, as they begin to see the Abiding light appearing through the cracks of the temporal tinsel. This
is a mercy.

    There are earthquakes everywhere … in every heart. Such is the force of Love’s awakening. Do not trust material vision. Remember that everything your five senses perceive will return to dust in the not-too-distant future. Trust the fierce love, the piercing light of truth – Abiding Reality. And understand that when you hold these passing material forms somewhat lightly you may be freer to participate in the blissful dance of Lover and Beloved: the dance which never decays or dies.

The New Industry of the 21st Century

So this is my work: this conversation?

    This is your daily work: spinning straw into gold. Others are joining in this work, and you may begin to feel them as if you worked all together as energy transformers. Earnestly these unseen companions also weave out of mortal material a finer fabric. Think of this as the new industry of the 21st Century: the Great Alchemy. You have no idea how many beings are engaged in this work.

    And – by the way – if your dreams of darkness and the resulting depressive moods drive you deeper into this magnificent work, might you not be grateful even for these ... as if you were rushing to bring light out of threatening storm clouds? And perhaps there is some human urgency to this process.

    It is no small thing, this Alchemy. To bring light out of darkness is the greatest magic of all. It is God’s work.

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   January 13, 2010

The Shepherd

The thought comes to me that I must learn to be a shepherd of my life and my resources: maybe this is my focus for the New Year. Perhaps as I cast about, doubting myself or my mission, or go off in search of new projects, I leave my sheep to scatter. The tending is so simple a task that it escapes my notice, and I suffer the consequences.

    This is good direction, dear one. Early on you were trained in self-criticism, and this is the part to modify. Now become aware of your goodness and sufficiency. Notice that you are loved and surrounded by meaningful work, friends, family and community. Can this feel like enough … like abundance?

    Sometimes the shepherd’s days are uneventful. Perhaps it feels dull…. But if she/he runs away in search of adventure or becomes consumed in worry or self-criticism, all may be lost. Some days are days of resting, maintaining, taking stock. In fact, most days are like that! Do you need to do more with your life, or is it simply a habit to keep pushing on for more?

    Now the call is to marshal your forces. A new stage of life is at hand. Now more will come to you – right to your doorstep. You do not need to feel that you are lacking in any way. Notice the resources that are already here. How can you know them if you do not spend time noticing them in love and gratitude? Every morning you may survey and begin to identify the flock: this is the work of a seasoned shepherd. Do not forget yourself and imagine yourself to be a poor, lost sheep! You have shed that identity long ago.

    This practice of shepherding will also align you with Divine Source. And power will come in gracious and surprising ways. This is the position of service and fruitfulness. This is the calling.

    Do you think to increase the herd by going out in search of sheep? You have not been the producer of this herd: They are God’s. You have been set in its midst, to appreciate and to do your part…. Here is also daily peace and joy. Here is abundance: right here in the midst of your flock.

Encountering difficulties….

Do you have guidance for me in these mornings when I wake up feeling dark and confused?

    This “pre-set” mode your mind returns to of self-punishment is not entirely bad. It can act as a spur to deeper questing … which in turn will bring greater clarity and peace. Finding your center and trying to be in communication there with Light and Love and Truth … this is all you can do. When thoughts come that this is not enough, remember – REMEMBER – where you are: at the center of the greatest military super-power the world has ever known … a place riddled with materialism, stress and sorrow. A Babylon confused and blinded by its own excess. A place where addictions abound: addiction to pleasure, productivity, accumulation, power, consumption … to more, more, more…. There are so many reasons why this is difficult and confusing. The things you consume often come from places where there is great poverty, but those places have things this culture often lacks: human community, humility, simplicity.

    So please recall all that is being transmuted and alchemized in your simple silence, in your quiet self-offering. Love is what you offer. What more is there to do? What is more precious on this earth? The shepherd offers love, patience, emptiness, time…. Thank you. We know how difficult this is.

Spooked in the night

What do I do with all these challenging internal voices?

    Still them. Imagine that the flock has been spooked in the night, and the shepherd needs to reassure them with simple signals that all is well … there is nothing to fear.

Why do the sheep get spooked in the night?

    Perhaps there is fear in the air, and they smell it on the wind…. Perhaps they had a fearful dream, or thought a predator was near…. Or perhaps they simply sensed the fear of a neighboring sheep and then began to imagine all of the possible reasons, rehearsing each scenario…. The point is that the shepherd knows his job: to quiet and reassure the sheep …to keep them contented and at peace. In this state they can serve their own life’s purpose. So it is with these human fears, dear Jane.

    We know that the entry and exit of this mortal life are framed in glory … The newborn child arrives with special magic, delighting us with her excitement. And the weary traveler often meets his final release with gratitude and awe, beholding Love’s greeting at the door….

    Who is to say what levels of light are revealed along the way, or at what moment in the path a pilgrim might round a corner to stand face to face with unmasked glory? Like a labyrinth the human journey seldom takes a straight path, its twists and turns too confusing for the linear mind. The journey is the thing: the willingness to humbly walk a confusing path with gratitude and joy – this is heroism.

    Trust the shepherd. And find the shepherd in you. Because you do not know the way. And the way is not of such great importance anyway. Try not to be overly concerned about landmarks and destinations. We are speaking here of relationship. The shepherd serves the sheep, and the sheep trust and obey the shepherd. Why? Because there is a mysterious, brilliantly symbiotic relationship at work: neither is intended to function independently.

    Dwelling in relationship requires abandonment of agenda – trust, patience and great hope. Discernment is crucial within this commitment to relationship: Is this path loving and good? Is the shepherd good? Where is my North Star?

My North Star is here, in conversation with you, beloved friends … dear helpers and emissaries of Light.

    So you may think of us as God’s shepherds … and in turn you may be conscious of shepherding your own internal flock – those feelings, thoughts, and fears – in love and contentment. All is well. Take time for peace and stillness … for simplicity and emptiness. Mission will always find you if you are available in this way.

    The shepherd gathers the day’s “Manna”, then – stilling and comforting the flock – offers them daily sustenance, as from the hand of God.

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   December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009

Are We All Here?

In my morning quiet, I am asking my unseen companions: Please speak.

   Let it come to you: This is the new lesson. Receive. Trust it will come…. What is it that you are needing?

Reassurance of my own goodness…. Reassurance that all is well, in spite of my passing moods…. Sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling so dark.

You are checking in with us, and we are never dark. If you listen to us all the time there will be less density and discouragement.

I feel as if I am learning to do this. It’s getting easier. Can you give me

    Imagine we’re walking this path together. When you feel alone, stop for a moment and say: “Are we all here?” And wait until you feel us. Just as if we were hiking a mountain trail together. You’d sit on a rock to rest and wait for your companions to catch up from time to time. The journey becomes a happy one when we are sensing each other’s presence. The difficulties lighten. We take pleasure in each other’s company and together we can appreciate every aspect of the climb, even the parts that seem arduous.

I understand.

    Check in with us. Say: “How are you?” or “Is it OK with you?” These simple acknowledgements will produce results. The simplest acknowledgement of our presence alters your awareness from a singular to a collective one.

    We are here. We are always here. This journey can be a safer, happier and more comfortable one. This is what we’re offering you now.

Thank you. Are we all here?

   We are.

Do you have more guidance for me today?

   Gratitude is the magic element … the hidden treasure. Gratitude, all the time. This is the key to a rich life, and to all God’s good gifts. Delight in this life as much as you possibly can. Cultivate delight. Enjoy good things.… Love, and receive love…. Offer your gifts to the world fully and freely with no
self-consciousness or doubt.

    When you see or taste fear, hug it quickly and replace it with love … with gratitude and delight. Poor fear hasn’t got a chance in such company!

    Offer, offer, offer … this is what brings joy. When you cease to give the waters become a bit stagnant and run in upon themselves. Be a river moving forward. And remember flight. The dream escape is also a reality. You can always soar above this place, in bliss and ecstasy. It feels impossible but is absolutely true. One day you will truly soar out of your body and leave it alone, but before that day you actually may take flight at any time. Practice. This is not escapism or denial – in a negative way – but rather it is a reminder of Abiding Reality, where soaring ecstasy is the norm.

Why do we ever leave it to come here?

    The paradox is that you never leave it. This is why you do fly in your dreams. It is always possible. The material substance you inhabit has forgotten flight, and one gift you may give it is the gift of remembering. Only for a limited time are you inhabiting a material body. We cannot tell you why in ways you can readily understand, because the knowledge involves dimensions that are not apparent to you in this form. Suffice it to say that material is being transmuted, transformed … alchemized. So much more is taking place simultaneously, of a wondrous nature…. But you will not quite grasp it. Accept the mystery. Practice gratitude, which embraces the unknown and welcomes what is beyond your scope.

    Leave off self-scrutiny and preoccupation once and for all. It inhibits delight and blocks the flow of Love’s blessings … and why waste time
with that?

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   December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

Words from unseen helpers to the seeking pilgrim….

    Please know that we are here with you in this room. You are not alone. It is good to seek centering, to seek guidance and comfort. You may look at this time as if you were traversing a high mountain pass in a sacred range. Your own vision is obscured by wind and weather, and you do not know the way to your destination. This moment on the path is the way. This is what we are trying to convey. You are right to seek and seek as you do. It does no good for the pilgrim to flay about and set out in every direction when the path is unclear. In spite of all the material comforts of your world, you are a pilgrim. And this is one of the things we love best about this journey.

    In this place where you live so many circumstances reinforce the demands of the material establishment. And in many ways this creates a tension that feels disagreeable. You often feel overwhelmed by the immediacy and seeming importance of these demanding physical surroundings.
See this as your training ground. How can you represent the pilgrim’s path within this consuming material establishment? The pilgrim’s path, that is, of waiting, seeking, serving … contemplation. A calling that involves waiting
on the unseen can seem lost and insignificant within “the dense din of planetary travail.”

    What we wish to underline is that this represents an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual growth on your appointed path…. Contrary to what your mind may repeat to you about slothfulness, worthlessness or inactivity, you are preparing in every way for a holy work: time set aside from the ordinary pursuits of sustenance, social discourse, livelihood…. A time of waiting and purification, the benefits of which are a clearer mind and simplicity of purpose: alignment with mission.


    It is a sweet time, the waiting. What is happening? Sifting … thoughts in fragments … some charged feelings: anger, sadness, self-criticism … but like clouds that gather and disperse you observe them . You are not the clouds. But you see them and feel them and let the air blow through them, waiting….

    It is a bit like expecting to meet someone at a terminal, when one is unsure of just who that person is, or even if or how they will appear … but one knows that this meeting is the important one, the central thing in the whole journey. Without it one is passing time. And with it, through it, one is connected to the grid of Love and Meaning. One is enlivened: one’s being makes sense.

    So waiting is the least one can do.

    And remember that your agreement is to be a servant of Light. So in the morning you gather and receive light. It is a quiet task. As the light comes in, it may illuminate areas of sadness, fatigue or discouragement. Remember in the serving it is the Light that does the work! You carry light, listen to it, serve its needs … but not independently.  It is a relational dance in which Light leads and you take up the rhythm with a willing step.  Try not to judge yourself. We never judge you. We are very well aware of the heaviness of this planet. Remember that to receive and hold this heaviness is a form of spiritual service or alchemy. Holding the darkness or the density in light … produces Light. Holding it in love … produces Love. Only light can produce Light; only love is the way to Love.

    Please always remember that we are here with you, seeking and serving in Love.

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   September 20, 2009

    Greetings for the coming Autumn as we gather together in the strength of Spirit…. Here is a message I received from my unseen companions in answer to personal pain, but it pertains to all suffering, as you will see….

    We are grateful for this time with you. How sweet it feels to join in conversation. Nothing is more precious than this.

    Remember, please, that this is the Abiding Reality – this conversation. Nothing else remains, at the end of the day. Bodies will grow fat or thin, finance will be easy or difficult, children will have good times and bad….
Only this loving union is constant, joyful and unchanging in its fruitfulness.

    Great tragedies occur through history - collectively, and at a very personal level. And it is appropriate to grieve them. But even as we grieve let us remember that for every cavity of dense suffering there is a great infusion of Light so healing that its beauty dazzles beyond all imagining. Such is the dance of life. This is the Abiding Reality, which sometimes finds its opening in adversity.

    But what does one do with the temporal discomfort of suffering?

     We are here with deepest understanding of human suffering. That is why you are never alone. Human beings are not capable of this existence in a solitary fashion. Just as you cannot conceive of this life apart from friends, family and wider community, so you cannot function internally without spiritual companionship. The depth of disconnection with spiritual omnipresence that characterizes modern societies intensifies personal suffering, as fleeting pleasure is paraded as a universal panacea. Far greater pleasure can be found within spiritual consolation. It is when we stand in companionship to hold the tender human mysteries that we feel the deepest presence of Divine Love. This is part of the plan.

     We wish to support you in opening to your difficulties and your suffering in dialogue with seen and unseen companions. In this way the human family begins to know itself in its true beauty and expand the Light in the universe. Each individual my do his and her part by holding tenderly  their portion of the pain and cradling the mystery of this condition within the awareness of community – seen and unseen, local and universal.

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   July 7 2009:


    Spiritual friends: Please speak to me! As usual, I am feeling inadequate, and somewhat unworthy of love.

    Do you suppose we are keeping score? Life is not easy, and we are well aware of this. The first thing that should be ejected from the kingdom of the Self is perfectionism. There is no place for such self-judgment, which is often so fiercely at odds with the gentle direction of Love, the Self’s true Keeper

    So when you feel these judging voices, offer the immediate reflex of tenderness. Soften. Say to them: We are waiting for another voice. And then do listen, until Love’s gentle song bubbles up from the streams of busy thought. The voice of Love is your truest guide.

    I would like to hear the voice of Love now.

Love says:

    Take comfort, mortal traveler: When you do not hear me, it is not your fault. My voice does not cry out in the busy marketplace. I do not wish to compete for your attention. But you must know that I am here. Everything you see, taste, touch has been born of my creative impulse. All of this world is part of my song. The key is to seek the singer of the song … then you will enter into the chamber of the Beloved.

    And when you cannot seem to hear the voice of the Singer, do not try too hard. For it is Love’s job to find you. Perhaps a space will come, a pause in your day, and someone will touch your shoulder kindly, speaking with my voice … or perhaps sorrow will come, and in your wounded heart you will feel unexpected comfort, and that will be the comfort of my love. Perhaps you will be tired from all of your efforts and you will sleep and sleep so deeply that in the morning you will awaken refreshed. And the one who is refreshing your heart is Love.

    I am not trying to hide from you, my dear one. In this game of hide and seek, it is I who am the seeker, and it is the confusion of this world which lets you think that you are hidden. So when you long for the comfort and the joy of Love’s presence, simply say: Here I am, my love! Here I am and I am wanting you to find me now … I am longing for you above all….

    Before very long you will feel me: with you, beside you, within you …
for I am always here.

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   June 18 2009:


    We are here. We are always delighted to speak with you.

    The calling now is to soften internal judgment and open channels of receptivity. Often this begins with perception of what is close at hand but unobserved. Receive with gratitude your surroundings. In this grateful observation you may begin to detect the interrelationships and the graces that surround you in daily life. What is good? What is a gentle, subtle blessing? Where is life going effortlessly and well?

    So much attention is diverted to the "squeaky wheel" that all the daily graces go unobserved. But here is the home of divine magic, in all the subtle details that cooperate within the tapestry of material life. Here is the intentional hand of God, the loving face of the creator. It is here in the living dance of creation, involving no effort on your part.

    And as you open to the ever-presence of simple grace, you also soften your own availability to the benevolent flow of abundance that is at the heart of life. And, yes, this often requires spaciousness and time where you allow thoughts and agenda to clear a space for receptivity.

   Please begin with a simple practice of gratitude. You will be surprised at how effective this practice will be. Begin to notice all that is bountiful and good in your world:  Kind friends, resources, simple pleasures, clear sky … abundant positive influences.

    These practices will even deepen your breath. Because you will be noticing it is not all up to you. You are not making this life happen. In fact, you are more like a leaf on a river that flows with myriad currents. You may subtly incline yourself in one direction or another, but the elements themselves affect the distance traveled and the conditions of the journey. Do you see? You are trying much too hard!

    So relax and notice. That is all. Breathe, relax, and observe with gratitude the dance of life.

   This is the only way to travel.

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   June 13, 2009:


     What is true of the macrocosm is true of the microcosm: Earth is turning to new forms of energy to power industry, and the individual looks internally for new energy sources. Both are entwined in the transformation of this era. The Green Movement will champion solar and wind energy to power industry, and people will be guided to shop locally, grow their own food, consume fewer unnecessary commodities…. All of these efforts will preserve a green, fertile planet into the future.

What we wish to express now is perhaps a more subtle shift within each individual psyche.


    Listen to the silence. First hear the ambient sounds: airplanes, cars … wind, birds…. Listen to the pulse of emptiness between these sounds.


Breathe consciously.

    Let your mind join in the soft fluidity of perceived environmental noises…. Let this and that thought be part of the pulsing sound of trains and birds and traffic….


    Release in the individual attention the tyranny of mental agenda. What could be easier? Practice internal ecology.

      Let your inner eye, the doorway to your soul, grow softer. Let beauty be the gate-keeper. For too long a strict hand has ruled the mind, as if it were industrial chief to all internal operations. This Teutonic landlord is outdated now. Allow him a peaceful retirement.

     Now the vision softens, and the senses expand…. The inner world is pregnant with a loving seed of transformation. What will grow from this seed? Who is this transformed human being? With patient awe let us await the birth.

    Miracles of life can only be held by the sweet hands of children and the very wise. Adopt child-mind. Transformation is at hand. It is safe to retire the inner strident voices that have cried out for productivity, achievement, success….

    We see the outer fruits of over-emphasis upon material consumption, competition, productivity…. But what are the inner fruits? Perpetual stress, dissatisfaction, self-criticism, depression, spiritual confusion…. And might we agree that these are not the desired fruits of human life? As we agree we must turn from the planetary havoc wrought by consumerism and greed, so let us turn from the inner havoc to the soul that such focus claims.

    It follows that we take faltering steps in a process we’ve lost contact with: Inner Ecology. But we are learning. Like open-minded children, we are willing to play with new toys.

    And soon enough we will rediscover familiarity with these toys and delight in the endless pleasure they bring.

Remember: Shift is a sensitive, subtle process.... Allow, receive, be still.  You are doing just fine.

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We Are Here: Love Never Dies

EXCERPT  ~  Divine Receptivity


May 18, 2009

In this excerpt from my book, my father - in his “post-life” - addresses his bedridden widow, Angelika, and also the readers of our little book. He speaks about what is of real importance in this life in relation to the nature of Abiding Reality….

 Angelika: I’m speaking to you and to Jane ... and Spirit Guides are joining me in this message.

 You have graciously entered into this sphere of divine receptivity and we are very grateful for your submission and acceptance of this high level of human attainment. What these helpers wish to articulate is a sort of accolade for a level so little understood within our society. And so we are going to elaborate on this, even though you yourself must already know much of what I’m going to convey through Jane.

 Human life enjoys many phases, and in this part of the world vast over-emphasis is placed on the phase of material/physical productivity. That has certainly contributed to our society’s wealth and there is nothing wrong with it, as a developmental phase. Alas, appreciation of other levels of human advancement is often obscured by the abundant emphasis placed on material product. And so the abstract thinker, the artist, and the nurturer of other souls are far less valued than is healthy for a balanced and enlightened human system. But perhaps least valued of all is pure receptivity: the great art of allowing oneself to be still and enable other energies to communicate with and fertilize the self.

 A flower allows sunlight and rain to help it to grow and radiate beauty ... and then it offers its nectar to insects for pollination. This is a great and beautiful service to the heightened realms of earthly sensitivity.

 A tree allows itself to receive light and provide shade; it offers its branches as a home for many other creatures. Indeed, if we look around ourselves, we see that pattern echoed throughout the earth: self-offering ... patience ... receptivity. Even those creatures whose task it is to move or carry, hunt or gather, are heeding spiritual impulses which guide them in their simple tasks.

     In this evolutionary moment, there is no task on earth more imperative than divine receptivity. It involves a revolution of perception. Yet this wisdom is age-old.  Jesus said: “Consider the lilies of the field, who neither toil nor spin, yet even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.” He meant: Receive. Allow the universe to bless and endow your life as if there were a real and present God whose love is all-powerful and abundant.

     Here, in the realm of pure spirit, we can produce nothing that can be bought or sold.  And for some, arrival here can be a rude awakening. “What am I to have and do?” they wonder, feeling a bit lost. Certainly, helpers will guide them. They will not wander aimlessly if they are willing to learn. But why not learn the most precious lessons now? Tune your soul to the frequency of love and enlightenment.  Allow silence to blossom into wisdom. Train your heart to receive. How beautiful is the realm that waits to be received by you.

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We Are Here: Love Never Dies

EXCERPT  ~  God is the Eternal Now


April 26, 2009

In the following entry from my book, WE ARE HERE, my father offers - from his new perspective in the after-life – a beautiful message about the nature of eternal life:

What I and the teachers here are stressing to you now is patient presence in this moment. It is only in this present moment that we exist. God is the eternal Now.  And only through this attitude of opening to present moment can we - any of us – experience divine knowledge or bliss.

 It is like a lovely box of sweets that can only be experienced as we take the time to sit down, open the box, and taste this delicious treat. It does no good to carry the box around with you, look at it ... study it. No good to think of it or even plan for or remember it. Taste it now, and see that it is sweet and delicious.

 As a culture, we are very much concerned with productivity, but not good, in general, with the simplest thing: tasting the nectar of life in this moment. We live as if there were too much to do and not enough time. When in fact there is so much time we cannot even imagine the vastness of it. All time is ours. And in fact there is not so very much to do. Not really. Remember when I said that none of the things I worried about while alive were of any real importance? That is true of most of the things I did as well.

Angelika exemplifies this truth: for in her stillness I believe she has never been more in touch with what is most important in life. It is a beautiful irony … and a good example to us all. (Even here many souls haven’t lost that imperative of busyness. It’s really funny at times, when we look at ourselves and consider that most of this activity is quite useless.)

 You can open that box of chocolates any time. Jesus exemplified this great teaching when he said: “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be given to you as well.” The sweet treasure is not only the doorway to present joy and true pleasure, but it is also the doorway to every other gift as well.

I think that is the teaching of today: everything you seek is here now. Open yourself to it.

I am here. And all my love is here.

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We Are Here: Love Never Dies

EXCERPT  ~  Blessings on the Just and the Unjust


(At this stage in the book, I have been receiving messages from my father in his “post-life” for eight months. Chiefly in the early months his desire in our communications was to send messages of love, encouragement and instruction to his bereaved and bedridden widow, Angelika, in her own transition from a body which represented pain and limitation: And she eagerly received these messages. At last - many months later - she seems to have entered a place of spiritual acceptance and comfort. Now my father’s messages are chiefly for me and for the readers of this book we have come to believe is our mutual contribution.)

July 15, 2008

I am spending time outside this morning, taking in the beauty of the valley beneath me and the mountains beyond, and trying to flex this new muscle of allowing. But there is inner resistance in aligning with this state, which seems to bring such peace to Angelika. For me, there is a shadow place of discontent – I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s shame, or unworthiness. Otherwise, why would I not just lie back, release the controls, and bask in it? 

“Dad: how shall I bask in it?”

   Begin by understanding that none of us - not one – “deserves” the degree of divine light that is forever flooding us. Truly. And if there were some hierarchy, why is it that God “showers blessings on the just and the unjust?” For that is certainly true: all beings are equally blessed. A criminal of evil intention is no more or less blessed than a flower or a bird ... or a saint. The saint might have more inkling of it, and more gratitude.  But divine light is directed everywhere.

   When someone receives it, there is a sort of mutual dance that seems to excite and enhance the love energy: a bit like using leaven in the dough ... the energy can be encouraged to rise, but it is a very democratic energy that beams on, regardless. A yogi or a saint can indeed magnify this power to perform seemingly superhuman feats or exhibit extraordinary love or charity. That is a wise use of Light. But it all begins with the reception. Energy cannot be directed by or through you if you have not received it for yourself. And at times when you offer it more intensely, you must be more available to receive and recharge.

   This process cannot really be described: it must be experienced.  The greater your outpouring, the more deeply you must be filled. Now you are filling up on air and natural beauty. You are breathing these essences. Good work!  And again, thank-you,  Jane.

   “Rain falls on the just and the unjust....” The high frequency of pure love energy is always available, but it is the wise person who learns, while on earth, to work with it. This work can take every possible form from poetry to physics to physical healing. Here we work with energy all the time for it is all we have.

       I am telling you this because I personally didn’t see the importance of trying to work with energy until the past several years. And I wish I had begun it sooner! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – no magic tricks. Just begin by noticing the unseen is the source of everything, and take it from there.

        Angelika has found the direct channel for the concentration of light energy that is here in her room, as extra helpers who specialize in transition are assembled ... and you can see how much peace it brings her. What a sad thing that most people pass their days in the sort of activity that might be likened to a hamster on his little treadmill (or whatever those things are called.) There is no fruit to this sort of activity, but people don’t know how to get off the thing. That’s why illness or some other dramatic interruption can be such a gift.

        Use your time wisely. Confront the emptiness and that old feeling of unworthiness.  Why spend another day like Sisyphus, in sheer futility? (I suppose I’m saying this to your readers also, because it’s clear to me that you’re on the right track, Jane.) Just keep up the good work. You, too, are a good example to others. But that’s not the main motivation. The real fruit is the joy of being, literally, IN Love. It is the unspeakable blessing of being fully attuned to this light energy which is everywhere available.

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   March 14, 2009:


I am asking for words of guidance on my path.

We thank you who work in the name of Love for your tenacity and your faithfulness. We thank you for your offerings. Now – in the name of God - receive our grateful love and resist the habit of self-doubt. Allow gratitude and rest and remember to smile often: this is your plenty!

Laugh at yourself also. Laugh at what a silly mess a human can make of any situation, just as you would laughingly enjoy the confusion of a kitten wound
up in a ball of yarn, or a child shrieking at a game of hide-and-seek.

From our vantage point, this is a level of reality we wish to impart. You all take your lives awfully seriously for beings whose brain has no idea where they
have come from or where they are going and who live so rigidly by the mythology of each passing era. We uphold your earnest efforts, and we also offer humor as a tonic for many ills brought on by fear and misconception.
It is not so serious as you think!

Now you may consider with a smile the humor of your situation: You ardently wish to serve, but when you push too hard you stumble over your own feet!
You wish to honor heaven, and the earth slaps you in the face! What is useful to notice in this situation? We cannot escape the form of our lives. The mass of matter cannot be denied, however temporary. For every rabbit a magician pulls out of a hat, there is a hut full of dung. Do you see? We must deal with ordinary reality – it is our milieu. It is our temporal home. Welcome to Earth!

The mystery has a sense of humor. It is a comic tragedy performed on a temporary stage within a glorious eternal cosmos. But if the actors do not focus on their part, they forget their lines and blocking and stumble over their own feet. To attempt to escape to eternal realities in a sense undermines the purpose of the show. What is the purpose of the show? Ah: that is the mystery. Perhaps each player discovers the purpose in their dedication to their own part.

Ask yourself: What is my part? How might I enjoy it, taste it, appreciate it?
This is self-love. You forget the importance of self-love. It is a doorway to so much Joy. Joy is a divine aspect: out of Joy flows sweet service which will
not strain the servant.

You will see that the dance is one of mutual enjoyment. Please take time to absorb this. Now we suggest that it would be useful to take a walk.
There will be time to worry later in the day!

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   March 4, 2009:


Many of us are struggling with fear and insecurity in these difficult times. Please tell us: What do we need to know today?

We are here, dear ones. There are many aspects at play in this moment. As is evident in the world around you, financial restructuring is a stressful factor in many lives. Many are awakening in fear and experiencing internal shame and blame. It might be said that this is a state existing within the collective psyche: a certain degree of panic which excites past fears as well as inter-personal stresses. If we are not blaming ourselves we may cast blame on bosses, family, even friends…. This climate can awaken baser forms of human behavior as the status quo is disrupted.

We might step back and observe this as a period of deep energetic restructuring. For sensitive human beings it will be important to “lay low” and seek abiding values: love, generosity, patience, forgiveness. Everyone in the industrialized world is feeling this “shake-up.” You are not alone. Imagine that this challenging phase has potential for awakening new forms of human behavior. These forms are not yet in full view and so the challenge is to imagine them and desire their frequencies.

Imagine a social organization based on mutual consideration and cooperation. What will this look like? Instead of focusing with fear on the lack in one’s own life, an individual may consider: What benefits each one of us? For too long the model has been “survival of the most aggressive and self-centered.” This is an implicit basis of modern capitalism. Now we are force-fed the fruits of this short-sightedness: If we plunder the planet we all perish; unchecked financial greed causes ruin for all. The lessons are etched boldly across the screen of every layer of society.

From the old vantage point of individual survival this may seem devastating (indeed the devastation is very real in many lives). But calming our spirits may we also consider the beautiful possibility that this season where we sow the fruits of short-sightedness may herald a merciful tide of human awakening?

Imagine that the currency is changing. Paper dollars and plastic cards reveal their worthlessness so that you may discover currency of abiding value: spiritual development, mutual encouragement within community, stewardship of the land, creation of products and services than benefit humanity…. Abiding values now reveal their true worth. And what a grace this is! For paper and plastic cannot make the journey beyond this earth, and your spirits surely will. Each person may ask her/himself: What is my lesson now; what is my calling? Assist each other in these discoveries.

In this moment you ask: “Yes, but how shall we survive?” In the short term, the restructuring will continue until the detritus of centuries of thoughtless behavior is cleansed. So we repeat: drop your energies low; lay your plumb-line deep into the ground of eternal values: love, hope, forgiveness…. You will not perish. Great new energies are coming to assist you in the new awakening. Like a root or like a seed seek fertile ground and believe the awakening is at hand, strengthened by your faith.

Use every fearful thought as an opportunity. As you transform fear into love within your inner spaces, you assist the whole. So humanity progresses through this challenging pass. Remember that you are not alone. Unseen helpers from all ages assist in this transition. Its time has come. Humanity deserves to shed archaic consciousness and awaken to new and enlightened forms. Allow yourself to celebrate (when you can) the possibilities of this time.

In truth, it is a time of great hope. You awaken not only for yourselves but for the earth and for the future of humanity. Offer yourselves to this great purpose and temporary discomfort may be viewed as loving service.

We thank you, on behalf of all sentient beings everywhere.

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   March 1, 2009:


So, my unseen companions, I would like to know more about you.

We are helpers. In the Spirit realm there are myriad callings. It is a joyful thing to try on many paths or roles of adoration or service. Some study, some wait, some involve themselves in creative activity … some sit at the seat of masters or teachers…. We are not of a high order, as we have told you. Truly there is no hierarchy in the realm of Spirit. Each soul has its own relationship to what you call the Divine, and each relationship is continually unfolding. Picture a symphony: all the players are embracing the same joyful experience of co-creation and the delight of each offering is a gift to all. Understand that when reports are given through various sources about the after-life they are filtered through the conceptualizing mechanisms of both speaker (from the other side of death) and receiver on earth. Add to this the infinite rainbow of choices and paths, and you can see that it is not easy to sum up the breadth of spirit life.

Even on earth there are myriad circumstances. One visitor from another planet might report: “They live in hard tall buildings, going up and down and moving in fast machines. Very busy.” And one might observe: “They live on ice and fish for creatures of the sea.” Another might conclude: “They move among high vegetation, observe many rituals and eat the fruit of plants and animals.” And so there will be many reports of Heaven, or the spirit realm. Even as we speak to you we are continually aware that we can only form concepts with images you cognitively understand.

As your father has reported from the spirit realm: “Service to one’s fellows is a great and joyful undertaking.”* We feel delighted to join you in this time of great change in earthly frequencies. So many people are opening to the realms of spirit in new and exciting ways and there is truly an inter-stellar dance of joy for the great possibilities here. We speak of possibilities because as you know the nature of creativity presupposes that the outcome is a surprise to all involved. Life moves and sings within its own continually evolving symphony. The end is not written … the notes emerge from expressions of ecstasy.

We who are with you long for the conscious ecstasy of this earthly experience, and we are hopeful because we see signs of Awakening. It is possible even now to live on earth in an awakened state, but how much more joyful it will be when you have moved beyond the darker patterns of behavior: war, injustice, cruelty.

So you are with me as long as I live?

And beyond.

There are many helpers, Jane. We, who address you in your quiet times, are companions, and it delights us to share your journey. Other orders of spirit helpers work within human connections, world gatherings and events … others attend the passage in and out of the body…. Just as there are many jobs within the organization of human society, so there are many callings within this vast spiritual network....

In your backyard at this moment there are insects and birds and myriad plant forms as well as the elements of water, wind and air. No one of these is “backyard” per se. Similarly, one spiritual helper or one group of helpers is only an element in the vast eternal realm that is now largely invisible to you. But each one operates within the whole and intercommunication is constant – like a pulsing dance, or music.

We are your friends. You may receive us in this way. We will walk with you through the door other spirit helpers will open. We are like a little collective who address you as one voice.

That is very reassuring. You know that I still doubt you in many parts of my mind.

This is the human condition: “Maya.” Never underestimate the “cloud of unknowing.”

Why is it so? Why are we so blind?

What we have experienced is a denseness that is not the fault of any single soul. This denseness of the earthly consciousness is temporal. It will change and lighten, and this change is even now upon us. This process is not an easy one. But there is great joy also in this – as what was dense and unresponsive learns to move and dance … and co-create. We cannot describe to you the joy of co-creation on a vast spiritual scale. It is thrilling. This joy belongs to you, and we are partnering you in awakening to your place in the great dance.

Thank you. This helps.

Thank you. It helps us also. We do delight in this work, and we delight to be with you, even if you doubt us! Be aware that none of your good efforts will go unrewarded. This is spiritual law. No good seed sewn will fail to bear fruit in time. What we ask you to remember now is that we are always present in the eternal Now to give you guidance and inspiration. Availability and receptivity should be your relaxing focus. Let go of tomorrow – be here now. For we are always here waiting for you, waiting to bathe you in comfort, peace and strength.

(* Quoted from Jane’s book: WE ARE HERE: Love Never Dies.)

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   February 22, 2009:

Spirit friends: I am seeking words from you today about my life and my direction, feeling a bit lost….

We are here. We are always with you, till the end of time. Know that we surround you in love and attempt to open yourself to that love as often as you can. It is a faithful, fruitful source of vital energy to the soul who is often a stranger in a strange land.

It’s difficult to relax into stillness – I feel a bit antsy and peculiar.

We surround you with love and compassion, reminding you that this earth school is not an easy one. Who can find their bearings in such a place? One must drop the plumb-line deep and wait in stillness often. It is not easy. And it is important not to measure success or failure according to your passing moods, as if skittering and changing cloud forms could alter the color of the sky.

Remember: we wait with you as you wait, and we serve you in the waiting. We have come for this service, so you may detect our pleasure as you allow yourself to surrender to stillness. For this we have assembled. This is our work. You may regard your quiet time as a service to us, for that is also true. You give us pleasure as you allow this.

I feel dislodged within myself, a bit off-center.

There are many factors involved in the dynamics of this moment. If it is useful, we would say that you are indeed more porous now and that you pick up frequencies from myriad sources. That is why our time together is so important and beneficial. You have sped up your receptivity, and we celebrate and honor this.

Now you learn to hold this state of greater receptivity. This condition may itself require discernment as you ask yourself: What is my obligation now? What is my work and my direction? Many people all over the world find themselves at such cross-roads. You are “bridge people”, you who offer your vessels for communication of significant changes in this moment.

We wish to say to you: do not doubt yourself. Do not doubt your guides and helpers. Do not doubt your God, your path and your own voice. Do not doubt your intuition, even as you learn to refine it. This time together is safe time, safe space. Here we reassemble to hold up to the light each facet of the journey that is painful or challenging. Attunement and joy are one stroke of the same brush.

The human journey is a fierce trial of discernment. Here on earth, spirit-souls enter ungainly bodies with limited mental abilities and urgent physical needs and desires. There is a great external cacophony of agenda as human confusions jockey for power amid myriad quests. As you receive us – you spiritual messengers – you also attune in new ways to other energetics, other transmissions. So it is required at this time to consult often with Source.
That is, your Source.

Now you need to trust a journey that is a bit clouded in unknowing. Your mind will catch up and assimilate, but it is best to allow some cognitive uncertainty even as your plumb-line rests at its own true depth. You will understand better soon enough.

I am also asking about my relationship with income, and I know that many others on spiritual paths are struggling with the same concerns….

What we are exploring with you now is this focus on our time in conversation as your primary work. And you are questioning expenditures: classes, healing work, food and outings … because our work does not generate income. Let us look at this. Income is the currency with which to care for the needs and desires of the body. What would happen if you were to subtly shift the burden of necessity onto the spirit’s survival needs and desires? “What does my spirit need in this moment?” is the vital question. Because of course there can be for you no physical contentment if the spirit is troubled.

Imagine in this time that you are “paying for school” as you treat the body to its physical needs during this focused education of your spirit … this attunement.
It is an exercise of trust. Trust that as you seek Spirit first the rest will follow. Now you are asked – primarily – to offer yourself to this time, this classroom … this conversation. In the course of your days you will be productive in the faithful accomplishment of myriad tasks. But this time that we share is the primary “work.” This is home base.

Here – in the frequency of Love – the soul finds rest and succor. Here the soul lays down its burdens and soaks in precious sustenance. Here the soul knows peace and plenty. Rest now in the tender care that surrounds you….

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   February 17, 2009:


Lately I have been pushing out a project that seems to leave my body knotted in tension, and the harder I work the more self-critical I become. Spirit helpers: please speak with me about this!


Dearest one: there is no peace in this sort of emphasis on product or performance. Life is here in this intimate conversation. We are here, and for you to know this – at deeper and deeper levels – is what fans the fires of Unity. How can we express this to you? When you focus all your energy on producing something, in a sense you are abandoning yourself. If we go back to the assumption that we are a collective it will help here.

No human being enters this life alone. Do you know this joy that appears on the face of an infant? If you look into the eyes of this tiny being, you behold collective consciousness. It sounds like a lofty term, but what we really mean to say is that this child is not aware of emptiness or separation. Various things occur in time which quickly alter this collective consciousness in a great many cases. But many children retain happy conversation with invisible companions for some years…. And in tribal cultures to a great extent this consciousness can continue, aided by the perpetuation of collective mind and purpose as well as pervasive spirituality. As civilization has evolved there has often been a pattern of increasing separation from the collective mind as well as the apprehension of pervasive spirituality. We do not of course diminish civilization’s contribution to the birth pangs of global consciousness, but pain has walked hand in hand with progress.

This is a bit of an overview, but in our conversation no such analysis is necessary. You do not need to grasp a linear picture of collective self. Perhaps we should return to the dance. At any moment, you may sit alone and absorb yourself in concern about a product or accomplishment, or you may dance. When you turn an ear to us, open your heart to the possibility that we are here, loving you … you feel the stirring of joy and communion, you feel the music of cosmic bliss. Savor this experience as often as you possibly can. This is our highest calling

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   February 6, 2009:


In the next several entries I will be sharing the teaching I’ve received in conversation with my unseen companions about the nature of collective self, or divine self. I am learning that this is the interior doorway to the current awakening of loving collective consciousness.

We are here. It is not a simple thing to reform years of conditioned thinking. As with all important movements, it will happen slowly. You do not need to worry if it will happen or how it will happen. What we ask you to focus on is the desire for this awareness: that we, together, create this life. Begin to believe that you are undergoing a change of perception. Invite the delicious sensations that are awakened when you feel us. Look forward to them. We are looking out through Jane’s eyes … this loving communion of spiritual care-givers. Taste the deliciousness of this.

Something in me is backing away or shutting down as I try to grasp this.

Be patient with yourself. Remember that this life on earth is not an easy thing. It takes a collective to navigate this terrain. What you wrestle within is a strong mental muscle built into the human body which has been trained along certain pathways since childhood. This is not easy to describe within linear terms, as some of this cross-fertilization occurs outside of your schemes of time and space. Other dimensions are at work here.

This is heady stuff for me this morning, I’m afraid.

Of course it is. We are here: that is all you need to remember. Begin by being here now and noticing you are not alone.

I have trouble believing that, as if this written dialogue were a sweet exercise but not as “real” as my bed, my lamp, the scene outside my window….

Your mind has trouble conceiving of us even as your heart yearns for us.

Yes. I wish it were the other way around, and that I might know and be secure in your presence while I perceive this world’s material forms as passing images … the way it would be if I were at the end of my life.

Yes. What is real at the end of your life, at the moment when consciousness quits this mortal body?

Then, at the end, I suppose there will be fragments of memories, fleeting emotions … losses, joys, passing victories and failures…. What will be real to me in that moment? My relationship with you, whom I barely know but who have been invisibly with me through it all.

Invisibly with you in the Abiding Reality.

Whoa. Abiding reality is what?

The snowflakes outside are whipping up a beautiful show, dancing diagonally across this perfect winter landscape of river and pine…. Is this the reality that abides? No. This scene will change – and that is the beauty of it. It will soon enough be springtime, and this grey-black palette will be transformed to pale blue, chartreuse, vibrant yellow…. The snowflakes will be rain, the rain will be river, the river will be sea…. The animals will die and decay into the earth to feed new life-forms. It is a beautiful manifestation, this passing show.

Here, in the Northeast, isn’t it true that you love each season as it comes? There is nothing to be gained in attaching yourself to the permanence of them. Similarly, this bed, this lamp, this body of Jane are all impermanent. Someday this mattress will be added to a trash-pile … the lamp will break or wear out…. The body of Jane will die. These hands with which Jane writes words will be stopped by the cessation of the organism: its blood will not flow, the muscles will quit, the eyes will close. That will be the end of this body’s lifetime. It will be burned and changed to ash and bone, or buried to fertilize the earth.

We ask you: What will abide?

Yes. Please tell me in your words. Because my mind still doubts, I’m afraid.

What will abide, dear Jane, is this conversation. This dialogue with unseen life continues….

Whew. It does seem an intangible thing.

And why is that? What is tangible? Is a tangible thing something which these temporary hands can touch, these temporary eyes see? Is a tangible thing something that is one day a bed and the next a pile of composting trash?

We are not expecting you to be able to shift easily out of the belief that what your bodily senses perceive is Real.

No. I don’t feel you’re asking me for much. I feel I’m asking you. I need this guidance, this direction. I am not content with my mind’s definitions of reality. This world is not the happiest place. This mortal life is not enough. I yearn….

And so do we. We yearn for greater illumination. And this is taking place even now. The creaking doors of materialistic minds are opening to bright, vast vistas of perception … all over the place. It is a great global awakening. You are not alone in this dance.

Speak to me about the dance.

Love dresses up in a limited body to come to this place of gravity where there are many restrictions. Imagine Love undressed, unrestricted, unfettered…. Here you might think of a formal dance: a minuet with precise rules and limitations. Then imagine a dance with no gravity, no rules, only love and joy … the gleeful abandon of children…. You will glimpse it increasingly. It is here – let it call you.

And understand that we are here for you. There is no obstacle to our dialogue from this end. We are here to support, inspire, comfort and accompany you. We, together, navigate this life. So we are delighted to find form and words for this relationship.

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   February 2, 2009:


As I lay in bed last night I made an interesting inner connection. As usual, my inner critics were berating me for some failing or other, and it suddenly occurred to me: “They do not exist!” And not only do they not exist, but there is no “other” at all: no “you”, no “he, she, it”…. It was an exhilarating revelation which seemed to kindle a fire in me. So I ask you, my unseen friends: please speak to me about these things.

We are here, Jane, and we wish to assure you that your revelation is real. The apparently single entity you think of as yourself is indeed a collective – a loving relationship. No being is alone, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. Existence depends upon inter-relationship.

At what moment can one distinguish the separation between sunlight and a tree? The process of photosynthesis is one movement, one dance. Where does this process begin and end? Similarly, where is the separation between rain and leaf, between root and soil …? The delineations we perceive are – at a microscopic level – non-existent: Life exists within relationship.

So when you speak of yourself as separate and distinct from sunlight, air and other elements – as well as from other human organisms – you perceive “through a glass darkly.” Science has demonstrated that the energetic components of one apparently distinct life-form are themselves vibrant or fluid, beginning and ending far from that organism. Within each sub-atomic particle of each human being exists an inter-relational dance that is inseparable from the movement surrounding this being. Distinctions are illusory. When you behold another “self” – whether sister, friend or enemy – you behold the stuff of your own self breathing the other’s breath and imbibing its energy. You are powerless to stop this interaction.

We might call this inter-relationship love, if by love we mean a dance of intimate attraction. It is only our narrow and temporary human perception that tells us we are independent of this “other” we behold. And when you allow yourself to receive the waves of implication awakened by this perspective, you enter into a new and generous consciousness. Gone are prejudice, competition and rejection.

We invite you to savor this subtle and immense shift in perception. This ushers in the great awakening of this current stage in human evolution. Taste it, ponder and dream of it. For it is more real and true than the illusion that has haunted and tormented millennia of human consciousness.

The great awakened beings of all time have sung of this unity, and now we invite a grand universal awakening. You may believe that we are more excited to behold this awakening than you can possibly imagine. Because we love you. We exist for love, whose surging rivers long to quench the thirsty fever of this earth.

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   JANUARY 26, 2009:


Spirit friends: please speak to me about this child who is such a challenge to
my parenting.

We are here. What we know you cannot yet know. What we can say is that you are enough. Your parental love is enough for this incarnate soul. His journey is his own deep mystery. Do you know the voice of the sap in the pine trees or the maples? Do you understand the deepest journey of any other living being? Regard each life with reverence, however it may baffle or frustrate you. This will help you also with self-love, the greatest challenge of all.

What do I do with my fear and frustration?

Offer them to the altar of our union. Here in the quiet sunlight all is well. Later, all will be well. There will be strife. Seek our union in the sunlight and in the shadows then. Trust the mystery of this life. Teach your children (beginning with the ones inside of you) to trust this mystery. What else can you do?

This is the impulse that increases Love’s breath within the universe. It begins with this willingness to offer love, regardless of all evidence to the contrary … to rejoice, regardless of all circumstances.

Treat every human relationship as an opportunity to increase Love and you will begin to enter the sacred circle where holiness is unbroken. It is possible. Indeed, it is the truth of what is. All is holy. Remove the veil. Believe it. The scales will fall from your sight more freely with your cooperation.

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   JANUARY 21, 2009:


Let us speak to you about light. Everything, everywhere in every moment is laced with light. Do you know this? Every shadow is evidence of the sun. Light is the form of creation, the building block of all that is. Feelings of despair come because you now see in part … you see “through a glass darkly.” (The Bible) War and suffering come when human beings feel disconnected from one-another. The answer is the true perception that we are One.

Why must we go through such darkness to learn?

We have spoken about time’s illusion: that truth resides within the limited material perception of this moment. Actually, what is True is the eternal manifestation: Hiroshima as a temple of peace; Auschwitz as an opportunity for mercy…. The vessel must be hollowed out, or hallowed. Only the hallowed vessel may be filled with divinity. It is true that all is light – only light.

A momentary perception proclaims process as reality. It is as if you saw the waves recede and claimed: “It is always low tide, the shore littered with detritus.” In the moment, this is true. But in another moment the same space is bubbling with fluid life. Sometimes a tree appears dead, its crumpled dressing strewn about its base. But soon enough abundant green adorns its branches.

We cannot cling to death as anything more than process. And similarly we cannot seize the temporary manifestation even of amazing cruelty as more than a passing show. How do we hold this understanding? Only with the unshakeable conviction of light and more light, love and more love. Because that is the abiding reality: Love is all that IS.

But what comfort is there to one who is currently suffering?

What do we say when you are suffering? We are here. We accompany you in this earthly vibration: this world at war for lack of human tenderness and understanding, this place whose inhabitants do not yet perceive themselves one organization and therefore may obliterate another population … or watch them starve on the evening news. We sit beside you in incomprehension of these phenomena. For now we know that all is one loving whole, and those at war in selfish isolation are simply abusing themselves.

How painful it is to watch this show … this dreadful human drama. For us, sometimes there is weeping and there is discouragement. This is a rare confession. We too grow disheartened by the incomprehensible ignorance of life on earth. We do not say these words to comfort you. No. We sit beside you, our gaze downcast and our hearts heavy. For joy is so close at hand. We see you dear ones dying in a desert of your own creation when all around you are cisterns of living water. And sometimes we weep. Even though we know that all will be renewed in time and that this too will be redeemed … we weep. You are all so precious to us.

Those of us who speak to you are of an order or school that closely interacts with mortal life. We wish to be in this communication, to provide reminders of divine possibility … to offer direction … to comfort the grieving. We align our energies with the human vibration in order to communicate. In so doing – as if we were connecting electrical circuitry – we give as well as receive your pulse. We are attuned to your conditions. We accompany you, like unseen friends … quiet companions.

It is a lovely work, and one which you may choose to do, on leaving your body. But we cannot say that it is without pain. And perhaps in this moment that is what your soul is asking to know. Are we, as divine messengers, indifferent … because we know the outcome? And now you have your answer. We feel your heartache in our hearts. We weep with those who weep. We bewail with you the darkness, even though we know the dawn is here.

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   JANUARY 17, 2009:


Let us address this issue of time…. Anxiety and perfectionism stem from perceiving time within a container, bounded on either side by illusions of ‘now’ and ‘then’, ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’. The ‘unforgiving moment’ can become a tyrant and the soul trapped within this perception pattern may feel enslaved, oppressed.

Imagine for a moment that there is no boundary: no today, no tomorrow … no now and then … only one eternal moment where all time is present. See how this relaxes anxiety about performance and accomplishment? In this way you may take up the threads of last year or next month … for the perception that they are discrete and separate from this moment is erroneous. Smooth the edges of an old encounter … rehearse the joy of future reunions…. Hold these within this present experience.

How foolish, for example, to map the waters of the ocean - to chart the waves, which are here one moment and there the next. The ocean is one continuous
inter-relational body. Time is similarly organically united. Can you map and measure wind? No. Because its subtlest origins are indistinguishable from its mightiest manifestations. It is without beginning or end.

This comprehensive understanding sheds a gentler light on each changing circumstance, for what seems a tragedy today may bear blessing for tomorrow. Hiroshima City exists now as a beautiful living monument to world peace. Auschwitz holds the healing prayers of countless visitors and symbolizes a powerful lesson to the abiding human spirit…. Time viewed in its segregated increments is illusion. Perceive the possibility of blessing now. Embrace misfortune as a pregnant seed.

As you release your grasp on momentary perfection, so you allow eternal flow to permeate and enrich this present experience. Allow eternity to fertilize each circumstance. Practice this, for it will relax and open your soul to divine blessing in every ‘now.’”


Today again we are speaking about time. We are experiencing the delicious expansive vista that can emerge as you offer your time unconditionally. What a simple offering! Sitting comfortably, you can say within your thoughts: ‘I am releasing possession of my time. Here it is….’ You give time. It is a beautiful doorway to ecstatic union which begins also with a gentle release of fear.

We can see how ‘fear’ and ‘time’ are kindred concepts – kindred illusions, it might be said. Fear presupposes control, mistrust, a lack of purpose and love in creation. And ‘time’ presupposes separation. Although in itself a benign concept or measuring tool, in actual usage time is linked with possessiveness, separation and fear. Examine the statement: ‘I don’t have enough time.’ There is no limit to the Now. Moments are immeasurable within eternity. Only in possessiveness do we feel the need to measure time. What I do not have enough of is not mine to begin with. Since when did I possess this moment? And so is it not the trusting, loving gesture to return time? To say: ‘Here am I – here is my being within this eternal now’?

Notice the deepening of breath as you release possession of time. It is akin to releasing fear … akin to sleeping peacefully within the arms of an all-caring parent – one who is vigilant in love and provision. This is the condition of grace which we messengers offer in every moment to you who seek spiritual union and freedom from the cares of this world. So offer time, and offer fear … and rest in the arms of the Beloved whose greatest desire is to hold you safely forever.

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   JANUARY 6, 2009:

I have been asking my spirit companions to speak with me about somehow blending the powerful "masculine" model identified with material domination with the feminine aspects of nurture, receptivity and creativity.
I would like to learn the sort of confidence and self-assurance that has been modeled in the patriarchal paradigm in order to powerfully champion love and integration.

My concern is: The women and men I know and observe who are stepping out of these old power forms seem to be almost universally challenged with survival issues: "How do I pay the rent? The world is not set up
for me to thrive...."  Spirit: please speak to me about these things.

Spirit answers:
We are here, and we champion you - your choices, your lifestyle, your struggles and your offerings. You who are offering new forms of universal love and healing need to know and remind yourselves often that there are far more powerful and numerous entities championing your success than you can possibly guess ... far more than could be physically contained within this planet. There are universes of sentient beings in body and in spirit coaching and preparing the way for the success of your endeavors. If you could but glimpse for one moment the vast host of champions at your backs you would not doubt your endeavors.

What you also cannot perceive is the timeless aspect of this work. The progress made by each earnest pilgrim on the path of loving transformation echoes over endless futures and bears incalculable fruit. In your solitary birth-pangs you are attended by midwives of all origins and all times whose sole passion is to serve you in this great awakening. If your eyes and hearts could perceive this vast host of helpers you would weep, for their love is born of infinite hard-won compassion. Their love is fierce and indestructible -
their success is inevitable.

So when you doubt yourselves, dear ones, and when you feel powerless and alone, remember that there are legions of souls and armies of spirits as great as the waves of the sea behind and before you with bold and fierce momentum. To doubt yourselves is to doubt the power of love which created this vast, unknowable cosmic dance, this endless music of the spheres. We are with you, beloved pilgrims, and we are invincible."

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