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Kanchira Project

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Kanchira Project.org,
Is an organization working in rural areas of Nepal since 1980, especially in the East Terai region. They are focusing on Poverty Reduction programs, supporting economic generating activities and education. Their aim is to improve the living conditions in rural areas by working with community based activities. From one center they are extending their programs into other parts of the region.


I'd like to link to my son-in-law's family's site. They are a Nepalese family from the small rural village of Kanchira who have been doing a great deal to help poor farmers through a buffalo project that is very well researched. They're the most wonderful family. Suresh's brother, Suraj, oversees promotion and development of the project from Germany. Suresh's other brother, Subash, is a physician who lives with his beautiful pharmacist wife Puja in Kathmandu (I attended their wedding in '06!). I believe that his clinic helps many people who could not otherwise afford medical care. The family still also maintains their home in Kanchira .
My son-in-law's Father, Shankar Chaudhary, has served as home ministerial secretary to the Nepalese government, though by profession he is an agriculturist.  Now he works with this project along with his wife Sila.

                       Visit the Kanchira Project Buffalo Program

Kanchira is the small village where the Chaudhary family originated before Suresh's father and subsequently his three sons moved to Kathmandu and abroad for education and professional development. It is wonderful for them to use their gifts to help this area survive.

The Buffalo Keeping Program has become very successful among the other social activities of the Kanchira Program, especially for those farmers who are very poor or have very little land and take care of one or two buffalo. In this program, any farmer can participate who is willing to assume the organization's responsibilities.

                                    Jane Bernhardt




What is the Buffalo Project?

Recent progress report on the Buffalo project:

                 February 2009
  • 6 buffaloes are pregnant.
  • we have 30 female one male buffalo 2 buff. died (viral disease)
  • buffalo keeping program will run in 2009 adding some
  • farmers and .org member discussed about raised problems and facilities.
  • new farmers are increased to keep buffaloes (rapidly), our near by areas people.


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