Love, Etty
Hibakusha Peace Project
Julia Ward Howe

This performance is offered in
conjunction with Jane's

Hibakusha Peace Project-

Jane Bernhardt and Greta Bro
Jane and Greta

The Hibakusha Peace Project logo

The Hibakusha Peace Project  multimedia performance piece created by 
Jane Bernhardt
and Greta Bro 
combines slides, music, story and theatrical elements to remember, 
release and re-envision.

                     Minori Ishikawa Dancer


(No Such Thing As)
Necessary Evil

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written & Performed by
 Greta Bro-
Sung as part of the Hibakusha Peace Project
August 9, 2008

Jane during a Hibakusha Project performance
Jane and 'Woman with Koto'

Greta Bro

Jane teaches and lectures on a variety of topics including
spiritual guidance,
portraiture, resistance and social transformation.
Contact Jane for details.  

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