Listening Circles



Find a comfortable position that allows your body ease.
Breathe into this moment….
Something is happening right now, as you breathe into your body -- this body.…
The cells are opening, softening to receiving spiritual support.
And that is all you are doing.
Mind is relaxing, body is deepening into relaxation, and the inner
spiritual body opens
 to receive a sweet flow of grace….
 We are entering into communion.


You are not who you think you are. Allow the brain to release its grasp …
soften the edges of what you experience as reality….
We are here. Your ancestors, angels and guides are here…
We wish to anoint you in your journey, which is so precious to all of creation.
The great dance of opening to divine bliss is happening right now.
Receive the love that is longing to envelop you.
You are always supported in this journey … you are never alone.
Separate self is the great illusion, dear pilgrims.
Soften your edges, shed your burdens, and receive the embrace of the beloved….
You are faithful
You are loved
You are enough, and more than enough,
You are a bright spark of the divine fire
This is the great dance.
Rest now. We are always here….
When this body releases you, you are here.
We are the same divine essence.
You are God
You are the stuff that stars are made of
You are divine, and we are all one
Nothing else is real
Nothing else abide



All Content Copyright Jane Bernhardt 2016